1. 1niltothe

    SoundID Reference Measurement Procedure... Really?

    Apologies if this is a discussion which has been had elsewhere. I will delete the post if so. I just went through the calibration and measurement process on the latest SoundID Reference programme. I wanted to check: -> the process which locates the microphone in 37 positions. The programme...
  2. mitchco

    Understanding the State of the Art of Digital Room Correction

    A deep dive presentation on the fundamentals of "proper" Digital Room Correction (DRC). Includes hands-on DSP FIR Filter Designer demos using Acourate and Audiolense. Having participated in many audio forum discussions, having watched online videos on Digital Room Correction (or DRC), and...
  3. Le Concombre

    A collection of tracks spectrum

    Now that I have achieved a quiver of 3 sets of DRC filters that satisfies me both emotionally and intellectually#, I listen to music but plugged mu Umik in REW, checking for SPL and eventual anomalies. I think interesting to share the RTA measurements obtained with "Average forever" settings...
  4. mitchco

    Introducing Hang Loose Convolver from Accurate Sound

    Hello fellow ASR enthusiasts, Just over a year ago @dallasjustice was kind enough to announce my new DSP calibration service here on ASR. Since then, 125 individuals have used my service to calibrate their sound systems. Coming back to my audio roots after decades in the software industry was...
  5. B

    Headphone Calibration: E.A.R.S., DRCDesigner and FIR Designer

    Kind of went down a rabbit hole seeking to find a semi-automated way to calibrate my headphones with EARS. I know there are all kinds of issues EARS and headphone measurement, but I am old and unable to hear past 12khz and that seems to be where EARS falls apart and I only have over-ear cans. At...
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