1. B

    SMSL ( S.M.S.L ) DO300 DAC

    I bought SMSL DO300 and I think I became its beta tester. - The device in the factory settings is +2dB by default, - the default filter is fast linear, but more importantly, when the filters are turned off, the volume increases drastically and the sound becomes hoarse (Is there jitter...
  2. C

    Thoughts on Audioengine DAC3?

    Hi all, Tryna decide on a portable DAC! I’ve seen the Audioengine DAC3 floating around, but haven’t really noticed any reviews on it! Is there something comparable to it that would beat its price point? There are so many portable DAC’s that it’s kind of hard to decide on one, but I know that...
  3. N

    Looking for help/recommendations - buying a DAC for a modest aparetment audio setup

    This is my first post in this Forum, so I wanted to start by saying "Hello!" to everybody. My kids keep growing up and somehow the living space of our apartment (we live in a flat) does not want to expand on its own as time goes on ;) In addition, we are about to start rearranging the space and...
  4. C

    How to improve my setup? Elac DBR62 + Pioneer A-505R + Topping d10s DAC + Wiim Mini streamer

    Thanks to this great forum, I've upgraded to the Elac DBR-62 speakers (thank you!). The rest is still a mystery for me. Currently considering piecing the following setup and am curious: Q1. Which elements should I change/upgrade to improve the audio quality/experience the most? Bearing in mind...
  5. R

    Please help me with choosing the 'best' DAC for my LCD5s

    I'm getting a pair of audeze lcd5s and going to need the best DAC with digital outs that I can feed it into the lavry quintessence later on. Currently eyeing with the dangerous music 'source' please suggest me !
  6. bsdinis

    FM radio interference on DAC + headphone amp stack

    I am using a Topping D10 Balanced with a Sabaj A20h and I just found something really weird, I am picking up FM radio interference but only on 3 separate volume spectrums, between -99dB and -85dB, between -3dB and -1dB, and at 0dB. Between -99dB and -85dB is the strongest, I can no longer hear...
  7. R

    Can I use EQAPO when I connect the Mini sp to my PC?

    I inquired about this to minidsp, but I haven't received a reply yet. I have a question for those who use these DSPs (if I had it, I would test it out, but I haven't purchased it yet). There are a few things I am curious about. I would appreciate it if anyone with experience and knowledge of...
  8. U

    Audio stutters with USB Dacs on Macbook M1 Pro

    I need help getting external DACs to work correctly on my 2019 Macbook Pro M1. I experience audio stutters as soon as I have a high system load. The stutters occur once every few minutes, each lasting only very short. The audio quality itself is excellent, and the DAC itself work fine. The...
  9. X

    "Passion for Sound" says they got meaningful differences between different USB cables- I want to try to reproduce but want feedback on approach

    Video in question: He takes a file, plays it through a dac via multiple USB cables and records it in Audacity. Then he inverts polarity and plays it against the source track. He gets noticeably different results between USB cables but multiple recordings using the same cable cancel out...
  10. G

    New to the Forum! I have some questions regarding the DAC to purchase in my situation.

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking on this site for a while but finally made an account to ask some questions. So currently, I am trying to find the best solution for a DAC to be used as a Headphone amplifier, as well as for connecting to my speaker Amplifier powering a set of Bowers and Wilkins...
  11. T

    [FS][EU] Questyle M12 Mobile DAC/Amp (MQA)

    For sale one of the best (for me the best in its size) mobile DAC/AMP Questyle M12 in excellent working/cosmetic condition with all accessories/original packaging. Price: 80 Euros
  12. T

    [FS][EU] Zorloo Ztella USB-DAC Cable (MQA Version)

    For sale the tiny but mighty Zorloo Ztella USB-DAC Cable (MQA Version) in mint condition with original packaging. Purchased in December 2022. Price: 80 Euros
  13. TOOdamnFRANK

    PC Gaming Setup / Gear

    What’s your endgame gear for PC Gaming? Im currently using a Topping D90SE DAC, Topping A90D Amp, Blue Yeti Pro Mic, & HD800S Headphones, but I’m always curious to try new headphones / potential upgrades. Anyone want to share their current setup or have any suggestions for something new to try...
  14. eyekaiser

    BluRay player + DAC suggestions?

    Decent, non-pricey Blu Ray player with emphasis on good audio? Maybe audio HDMI out? Inexpensive DAC to plug Blu Ray player audio into. DAC must have RCA out, inputs, coaxial, optical, HDMI at least, USB optional.
  15. C

    Can anyone modify an Arcam FMJ CD23 ?

    I don't know if this topic belongs in the DAC forum or the DIY forum but I'd love it if someone out there wanted to try to mod an FMJ CD23 to function as a stand-alone DAC via asynchronous USB. I have access to the technical documents and I'd be willing to pay quite a bit. Some have said...
  16. T

    [FS][EU] Topping D90SE Black Mint

    For sale the highly-acclaimed desktop DAC Topping D90SE in mint condition with all accessories/original packaging. Bought in May 2022, original purchase invoice is available. Ships from Greece. Price: 599 Euros
  17. R

    Fosi Audio K5 Pro Mini Stereo Gaming DAC Test

    Fosi Audio K5 Pro Mini Stereo Gaming DAC Review Fosi Audio K5 Pro is a headphone amplifier for high quality music transfer from PC (Playstation, etc.) to headphones or active speakers. It can be easily connected to the PC via USB (A or C). Furthermore it can be used as a DAC on a Hi-Fi system...
  18. D

    Attempting to better understanding DAC testing

    I swear this is a legitimate question. I’m not attempting to start another war of us vs them but am trying to truly understand the intricacies of DAC testing. I’ve read the article Understanding Digital Audio Measurements and it makes sense testing not just one but multiple frequencies to make...
  19. L

    Replacing an outdated Blu-ray player

    Hi, I am looking to replace an outdated Blu-ray player by a more capable player. I would like to connect this player to my current amplifier, a Denon 1055R. This model only accepts analogue audio input. Therefore, the Blu-ray player has to be able to output analogue audio, as I do not own a...
  20. PaperBoat

    Pultec punch

    Hi all! Merry Christmas Eve! I've paired my JBL 305p MKII Monitors with an IFI Zen Air DAC... I toggled boundary EQ to -3dB and now trying to tighten up the low end using DSP... My IFI DAC has an XBass+ switch which is an ASP circuitry. I know the XBass (XBass+ has better components) feature is...
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