1. Robson Santos

    ADC Recommendations for 3-Way Studio Monitors

    Hello everything is fine? I'm looking for suggestions for ADC components for use in 3-way studio monitors. I look for ADCs that excel in specific frequency ranges, aiming to ensure the best sound quality in each range. 1. For BASS, I need a carefully selected component that is capable of...
  2. M

    Help me choose a DAC

    I’ve been reading through pages and pages of reviews on here and looked at AmirM’s SINAD ranking list. I still can’t find what I’m seeking. Maybe it doesn’t exist, but I’m gonna try a “Hail Mary” and appeal to the community. Here’s my list of must haves: 1. Balanced outputs 2. 12v trigger in &...
  3. A

    DAC with input switching

    I have a macbook and a PC that I want to hook into my wh-1000xm4s. Right now, my horrible method is that I'm using an audio jack on my monitor's 3.5mm jack to connect to my headphones. Bad audio quality aside, it also locks me out from controlling audio directly from my mac as it seems macs...
  4. B

    DAC Input latency tierlist for gaming? Hasn't been done before.

    I saw the battle(non)sense video on audio latency, he also says the audio codec inherently has bad latency (70ms and higher, which is about 17-20 frames on a 240hz monitor). Could be a good idea.
  5. X

    General Question about DAC/AMP PC setup

    Hello fellow audiophiles! I recently bought a Topping E30 II/L30 II Stack and need some advice/help. I am trying to use it for my PC/Mac and need some help with the setup and settings. I plan on using it for music, movies, videos, and games. I plan on using Apple Music/Spotify Premium ( and...
  6. C

    Audiointerface or external dac/preamp as a sound source?

    Hi, I wanted to increase the quality of my pc sound so i bought active speakers. But i had a problem on source side. The problem is that: I watched some you tube reviews and according to their advices, i bought audio interfaces. But they made distortion in sound or occasional intermittent sound...
  7. S

    System/DAC upgrade, suggestions on candidates

    Hello, This is my first post. I am proudly made an Hi-Fi system for around £500: Network streamer: WiiM mini (around £90) DAC: S.M.S.L. 10 II with single AK4493 (around £100) Speakers: Q Acoustics M20HD active speakers (around £300) Between 1 and 2, optical. Between 2 and 3, of course...
  8. Ten Protons

    Portable DAC with EQ

    Hello. Could you please recommend a portable DAC up to $500 with a built-in equalizer? The main feature is that it can be controlled via USB from a computer. I was looking at the FiiO KA17, but its equalizer can only be adjusted from the phone, which is very inconvenient. I've read about the...
  9. M

    Help me understand line voltage please

    I'm talking about RCA/XLR line out/in. But from the beginning I have home theatre setup with adam t5v as LR, amp for the rest of the speakers and Asus Xonar u7 mk2 dac. At first there was issue where t5v's weren't getting loud enough at full volume on the DAC so i bought some cheap chinese...
  10. V

    "swish" sound with Hidizs S9 on Android

    Hi there, I have a Hidizs S9 that I bought ages ago for use with my phone, but I haven't used it much because I've never really managed to get it working right. It has a lot of hiss at low volumes when not using exclusive audio mode apps. It's a kind of swish noise that fades up as the track...
  11. M

    New Ferrum DAC WANDLA GoldenSound edition

    There is a new GoldenSound edition of the Ferrum DAC WANLDA: It has some additional features, including spatial audio. Considering what is known about GoldenSound here, one may doubt that it is any good, but maybe, just maybe it has something interesting?
  12. B

    Bypassing Streamer (Wiim) DAC

    I’m a newbie, to digital, I admit it. I’m confused on digital to digital output and if DA conversion occurs once, twice. I’d like to stream (have a Pro + w the DAC), to my R26 R2R (which I feed to a Levinson preamp via XLR). If I’m running Wiim via say Optical (24/192 vis WiFi), into Gustard...
  13. P

    Moondrop May USB-C Headphones Review

    Hello! This is a review and measurements of the new Moondrop May headphones. This is my personal pair and it costs US $65. I have been browsing ASR for a while now, but I have never posted anything here. I decided to write my very first review on this budget friendly USB-C DAC and headphone...
  14. H

    Will an external DAC sound better/different than my AVR DAC?

    Hi everyone. The thread's subject is almost clickbaity as I expect responses of "there is no difference" as I have read on numerous posts here. However, I am asking more from a theoretical perspective. Most responses I have read are similar to the following: the DAC conversion in the external...
  15. W

    Best value DAC for Sennheiser HD 650?

    I saw a couple other related posts but didn't get much answer... So here it goes. Dear audio gods, I'm new to this and my headphones were trashed so I bought some HD 650s after looking online a lot for some decent entry point headphones. As a simpleton I don't need a 0.1% change in audio that I...
  16. L

    Search for perfectionism: Upgrade audio gear chain

    Hello community, i fall in the rabbit hole of finding the perfect audio setup for me and my hearing expierences. Currently i use the following chain and i think a lot about how i can find some more details in audio listening Hearing experience I love to heare music as it is with all the pro...
  17. B

    Wiim pro plus or Nuprime dac-9 with streamer?

    Hi guys, I have a Nuprime dac-9 and Nuprime AMG STA. I use my tv as a streamer for Spotify. Now I want to add a streamer for lossless. I have no idea how good my dac is so I would love to hear advice. Should I go for a Wiim pro plus or add a streamer to my dac-9. Or any other options for...
  18. F

    Recommended DAC for stereo with volume control + remote (>$700)?

    I have had an SMSL M200 for a couple years that I have been basically happy with, but the display died and it's out of warranty. I am looking to replace it, hopefully with something more reliable. I know the SMSL measures very well but surely something out there is also built to last? Here is...
  19. M

    Hi :) i want to buy a DAC for plugging headphones into TV wired

    hey so i have my headphones that are bluetooth but i find it annoying to move around and away from tv for small amounts of time and then come back and reconnect the bluetooth and what not. so i wanted a way that i could plug my headphones into my tv wired, but they only have a digital optical...
  20. O

    Cheapest possible DAC with balanced XLR/Jack for yamaha hs8

    Hello, I am looking for a cheapest dac for my yamaha hs8 monitors to be honest I don't hear difference between dacs, so the cheapeast will be fine I am currently using sonar dx . I am searching for balanced outputs as sadly I have a lot of EMF in my area so I often hear some buzzing or typical...
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