1. A

    How to tell it's a match or not. DAC output to AV Receiver

    I want to install external DAC between android media player (Zidoo Z9S) and my AV receiver (Marantz AV8801) since the AV receiver cannot play DSD file using USB storage. How to see if the output from external DAC is a match to pre-amp built in AV receiver? Zidoo to external DAC (plan to buy...
  2. T

    Should I get a DAC to replace my dedicated sound card?

    I currently have a Sound BlasterX AE-5 in my gaming PC and I'm thinking about if it's worth it to replace my sound card with an external DAC and headphone amp or DAC/headphone amp combo to get a better sound quality.
  3. orchardaudio

    PecanPi® DAC, Streamer and USB - Rev 2.0

    The PecanPi® DAC just underwent an upgrade and is now able to drive balanced headphones. https://orchardaudio.com/pecanpi All measurements below are for XLR outputs driving 300ohm loads, performance does not change with load and the outputs are able to drive all the way down to 32 ohms. I will...
  4. C

    Can you help me find the best dac?

    My sound gear is the blon bl03 and the ath m50x. I am gonna use it with my Desktop pc and my phone. I have looked at the Audio quest dragonflys, Centrance DACport HD and the Spectra X. My budget is around $120. I am also acceptable to find some used if they are more expensive.
  5. T

    Help connect powered speakers to One Connect box

    Hello, I have a Samsung frame tv with a pair of powered Vue audiotechnik i-6a speakers. They have XLR out, loop, and auto power mode. The TV has a connection box called the One Connect box with optical or HDMI Arc audio output. My goal is to connect them but retain the volume control using...
  6. R

    DAC for Speakers

    Hi everyone. Most of the threads deal with using dac or dac/amp combos for driving headphones. I don't use headphones. I need a DAC to use with my JBL 104. I used to use a focusrite solo and m-audio bx8 monitors which did a good job for me. because i wanted to declutter my bedroom (plus...
  7. Xulonn

    Quloos QA390 - marketing hype or great product?

    The recent disappointing Woo Audio WA11 portable DAC/HA post by @amirm prompted me to check out the Quloos QA390 and start this thread ... The QA390, even available in bright red for those with flamboyant tastes, has more features than the Woo, and might even be worth the $1,400 it costs at...
  8. S

    Question about choosing DAC and so on

    Hello Guys! I want to have a new DAC for my head-fi system, and I'm thinking hard about what to buy. Now I'm using DX3 Pro(Not LDAC ver) as Pure DAC, THX AAA789 amplifier and Edition XX headphone with XLR Balanced Cable. Although I'm happy with this, want to upgrade DAC for better sound. So...
  9. K

    Looking for a DAC/AMP replacement

    Hi, I`m looking for something to fill my specific needs. I currently run a pair of HD58X headphones and a pair of active speakers out of my dying MAYA u5. Actually for some time I`v been thinking of getting a entry level AMP for my HD58Xs but since my MAYA is kind of randomly shutting down and...
  10. S

    Tempotec Sonata IDSD output impedance

    Hello, everyone I am new on this forum so don't be angry on me because i haven't got a chance to learn everything around here properly I recently decided to purchase Sennheiser HD599,but I learned that these headphones are really sensitive to internal impedance of your DAC.I have got Tempotec...
  11. K

    FS: Topping DX7 PRO

    Like new, all accessories included except supplied cheap usb cable. Works perfectly, I am just going in a different direction. You can see my reviews on eBay, although I haven’t done anything there in a while as kelecoleman1. Price is firm at $450 plus shipping.
  12. orchardaudio

    PecanPi® USB - DAC and Headphone Amplifier

    Introducing the PecanPi® USB Implementation DAC chips: Dual flagship Burr-Brown PCM1794As in monaural mode Reclocking Crystek CCHD-575 oscillator -- ultra-low clock jitter of 82fSec SRC4193 for reclocking Output stage: True balanced dual different output stages Uses OPA1612s 0.1% low...
  13. S

    So I want to build a DAC

    Hi all, So I want to build DAC. What would be a good chip to base it on? i2s interface (it will be USB via one of these: http://jlsounds.com/i2soverusb.html) Primarily for 16/44.1 formatted media. i don't see much point in going higher (unless anyone can convince me i should) No...
  14. pma

    Review and Measurements of the Roland UA-22 Duo-Capture Ex USB Audio Interface

    This is a review and detailed measurements of the Roland UA-22 Duo-Capture Ex USB Audio Interface (DAC/ADC). I bought it in the year 2015 as a small interface to make 2-channel microphone recordings in the field. The Duo-Capture costed about US $140. Duo-Capture has 2 balanced inputs, XLR/TRS...
  15. Piotr

    Budget combo

    Hi Audio Folks! I am new to this forum and hi-fi audio. My goal is to taste a bit of audiophile flavour and enjoy hi-fi music records from Tidal or Spotify premium. I've bought Philips X2HR/00 HP at 90€ and would like to go for a desktop DAC + HP amp combo, if it makes any difference...
  16. Matias

    Mola Mola Tambaqui Measurements

    Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC (€10,000 or $13,400). XLR output level 6.15 Vrms according to the manual. AudioPrecision APx555 measurements courtesy of the Audiophile Magazine review linked below. Full scale 1kHz Full scale 19+20kHz...
  17. N

    Total noob - How much SINAD do you actually need?

    I need help choosing DAC/Amp, but I am confused with these SINAD charts. Let's say I would like to enjoy this file here: FLAC (1059 kb/s, 44.1 kHz, 16 bits, 2 channels). -> the file is in 16 bit resolution, so SINAD 96-108 dB would be appropriate? This is the chart: SINAD █ >120dB (>20 bits)...
  18. E

    Need advice for buying amp/dac for HD6XX!

    Bought the HD6XX awhile back. I need to buy amp/dac combo or separately since I'm using these at my desk on my PC and my mobo isn't able to put out anywhere near enough to power these cans. So any suggested amp/dac's for this headphone to really make it shine but not break the bank. I'm in...
  19. C

    Which DAC for preamp use ?

    Hi everyone ! I currently have an Emotiva XPA 3 power amp that I use in Home Cinema on Kef R3. I would like to invest in a prampli / dac, taking usb or coax, having a 12v trigger if possible, and having a great sound! (a small screen displaying the sample rate etc would be top). Format : must...
  20. T

    Current Go to Value Dac

    Is the Khadas still the king in price to performance?
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