1. S

    Connecting Unbalanced DAC to Balanced Amp

    Hey all, I have a (noob) question about connecting my soon-to-arrive gear. I have a Topping D10 DAC with RCA outputs and will soon have a Cayin iHA-6 amp. If I connect the amp and DAC using an RCA cable with no balanced adapter, will I be able to use the balanced outputs of the amp or will I...
  2. S

    Matching devices - impedance etc

    Hi, I have a newbie doubt on how to go about matching devices. I recently had my chinese DAC die on me due to what i think might be a power fluctuation and i went back to my old Schiit modi multibit, feeding it directly into my tired old receiver being used as the 2.1 amp. Well, the setup...
  3. audiovic

    New DAC+Headphone AMP (combo or 2 units) advice Linux compatible

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to this audio science and I need to get rid of my dirty PC sound card. I'm currently on Linux Mint 19.2 and no plans to use Windows. I mainly listen to Spotify music (premium account, so MP3 320 kpbs I guess). Maybe Tidal or Kobuz accounts in the future. My spanking new...
  4. V

    Which small, inconspicuous USB DAC/AMP for IEMs in the <100 USD range?

    I'm trying to find a small headphone amp, that has to drive Chi Fi IEMs atm like the KZ ZS10 Pro or the BGVP DM6 I both own. It doens't have to be battery drivable, I'd just want it to do proper USB DACcing to Windows 10 PCs with no hiss if possible. I'm not sure if 24bits/96kHz or so are needed...
  5. Olli

    FS: Weiss Highend DAC 202, recently refurbished, in black and/or silver

    Selling a Weiss Highend DAC in silver; was bought via German official wholesaler WOD Audio in 2016 for 2K. The Headphone stage had a problem, so I did send the unit to Daniel Weiss in CH 2 months ago who did a thourough set up. It is the Firewire version, but has also Toslink, SPDIF and AES...
  6. Veri

    Recommendations for DAC w/ AES/EBU?

    Sorry if this comes across a bit lazy but I'm looking for a DAC that supports AES digital in, and that will not break the bank. Would rather not spend a grand. Open to used deals. I just see mostly 'Pro' gear and more expensive products supporting AES/EBU. Would appreciate some extra input. Thanks
  7. M

    Audio Interface vs DAC + Amp or Combo

    I'm completely new to the idea of using a DAC + Amp or Combo when I'm not in my home studio with my Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt interface. I had just been using my 2019 MacBook Pro laptop's headphone out when someone suggested I look into a DAC & Amp. My headphones are OPPO PM-3 with an upgraded...
  8. M

    Can't understand something simple

    I read the following sentence in this The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing By Steven W. Smith which talks about ADC & DACs. "For example, suppose that the ones and zeros are represented by 5 volts and 0 volts, respectively. If 80% of the bits in the data stream are...
  9. darmanastartes

    New Aune S6 Pro

    I saw someone on Reddit post this morning that they'd gotten this DAC/AMP, which was the first I'd heard of it. Searching Aliexpress lead me to these...
  10. gabrihamlincoln

    SOLD: Schiit Bifrost DAC

    Schiit Bifrost DAC w/ 4490 and Gen 2 USB. Barely used - bought new and only plugged it in to try for a few hours. Includes all original accessories/comes in original box. Asking $330 shipped (to lower 48).
  11. A

    Pro DACs

    I would like to suggest to have some pro dacs tested, here are some candidates: Cranesong solaris - http://www.cranesong.com/SOLARIS.html Dangerous convert-2 - https://dangerousmusic.com/product/convert-2/ RME ADI-2 DAC - http://www.rme-audio.de/en/products/adi_2-dac.php BURL Audio B2 Bomber...
  12. chriskilbourn

    DAP or dedicated DAC for home listening?

    I need a DAC that I can consider my "end game" have a budget of ~$1,300-1,500. So, I figure I should either purchase either a... 1. High-end DAP (ex. A&K, Questyle) that can act as my DAC and music server/streamer, or 2. Dedicated non-portable DAC (ex. RME ADI-2 DAC) that I'd connect to my...
  13. manager09

    Need recommendations for Amp + Dac or combo - $150

    I want to purchase an amplifier + a dac or a combo device to power my DT990 Pro's. I made a few different decisions during the past 2-3 months until I discovered that these options are not so good. For example, I've thought about getting a topping d10 +a bravo v2, xduoo ta-01, fx-audio dac-x6...
  14. K

    SMSL M100 vs SMSL Sanskrit 10th

    So the AliExpress anniversary sale is coming up, and these two have caught my eye because they can be bought for under 70$ with the right coupon. Amir has measured the Sanskrit and it works well with spdif and a dedicated power supply. SMSL products have also been faring well on ASR tests. I'm...
  15. Z

    External DAC for my PC with optical

    Hi, So i am not that familiar with these stuff so i rely on those that are. // Background story - START Currently i got an ZxR SoundBlaster in my PC, which i think might be a pretty good card (might be wrong), i just know that there was something with the 48khz in SoundBlaster cards (at least...
  16. F

    Want to keep my DACs sound but use external AMP for better bass response, possible?

    Hi all, So the challenge is this. I want to keep sound coming from my DAC (LG G5 smartphone) which I like alot, except it does not do bass well (I am aware of equalizers, but they don't do the job well). Is there a hardware combo for portable use that will let you keep the DACs sound but...
  17. R

    Khadas Tone Board vs Audiophonic Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC

    Hallo, i am thinking of switching my Arcam irDAC, Squeezbox Touch and NAS for a one box solution. Raspberry Pi with a DAC. From my research i end up leaning towards Khadas Tone Board but notice the less known Audiophonic Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC on the internet. Can anyone tell me whats the...
  18. R

    Khadas Tone Board vs Audiophonics DAC I-Sabre ES9038Q2M

    Hallo, i am thinking of switching my Arcam irDAC, Squeezbox Touch and NAS for a one box solution. Raspberry Pi with a DAC. From my research i end up leaning towards Khadas Tone Board but notice the less known Audiophonic Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC on the internet. Can anyone tell me whats the...
  19. Z

    Request for amp + dac combinations for HD800S

    Hi all, I've been bouncing from community to community, and I'm glad I stumbled to this website after getting some recommendations for audio-gd on headfi. I'm very new to the audiophile world (2 weeks old) and I'm looking to pick a dac and amp to maximize the headphones I just bought (HD800S)...
  20. Odysseus

    SMSL SU-8 + JBL 305Ps

    My SMSL SU-8 DAC just arrived... I have it connected to my set of JBL 305Ps using XLR cables. USB input. MusicBee with WASAPI in exclusive mode. My question is: what input sensitivity do I have to use for the JBLs? +4dBu or -10dBv? Bear in mind that the DAC output is 2Vrms for RCA and 4Vrms...
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