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Built-in Dirac Live having an issue?


Nov 17, 2023
(cross post from https://www.avsforum.com/threads/built-in-dirac-live-having-an-issue.3291069)

With stereo mode, DL successfully eliminated a nasty room mode at 42Hz (+18dB).
When switching to other listening modes, the boomy bass was back.
Before crying wolf to Onkyo or Dirac, I would be happy to get your feedback.

Observed on Onkyo TX-NR7100, likely the same with TX-RZ50. Other brands should check as well.
To visualize, I used the REW real-time analyzer and music or pink noise.
My front loudspeakers are full range, no subwoofer connected.

First, I thought it had something to do with the listening modes.
The manual tells you which ones shut up DL, but it happend with compatible modes as well.
Since DL should be the very last processing stage, it should take whatever signal is heading to the speakers.

Next, I suspected the upmixing process, or simply when more than the front speakers are involved.
I was stuck until I played with the crossover settings via the web interface (ciuser/ciuser).

The manual says:
If "Configuration" - "Subwoofer" is set to "No", "Front" is fixed to "Full Band", and the low pitched range of the other channels is output from the front speakers.

The center and surround crossings were set to 80 Hz. When changing these to full range - the room mode was gone!

The Dolby Surround upmixer sends by default all mono/common signal to the center -
too strict and not helpful in my case without subwoofer.
Fortunately, the CenterSpread option fixes this and is compatible with DL - the Vocal control on the remote is not.
Some said CenterSpread would make voices too large. I cannot confirm, it makes a good 3-ch stereo for the front.
The DTS Neural:X does not have this option and crams all into the center.

To set all speakers to full band works in my setting, but I imagine the issue found causes problems for others.

Do you observe a not fully functional equalization as well?
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