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Bookshelf monitors buying guide summer 2024


May 26, 2023

This link was served to me by Google and it initially seems like an interesting read, but after scrolling down it turns out that it is quite a long list of speakers ordered by price ascending and a paragraph of accompanying text.

Reading the purely subjective descriptions, there is no way to discern what makes the promoted 6000 USD speaker better than cheapest one that is just as recommended. A 2200 USD speaker is labeled as end game so why does the list continue all the way up to 100k?

To me it it reads like simplistic marketing word salad, because the only sort of real distinction that is written down for some speakers is something about the bass extension. It insults the reader's intelligence and here I am spending time and effort on it.
It's not a bad audio porn article as most of the speakers are pricey and limited availability.
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