1. sweetchaos

    Wiim Changelog and Roadmap

    Here's a list of useful links for Wiim products, their changelogs and upcoming roadmap, since Wiim keeps this information across several sources. It's June 5, 2024, as of this posting. Software for Mobile (called Wiim Home): - Apple IOS Store. Shows version 2.9.10, updated on June 5. Click on...
  2. W

    Bedroom setup: use surrounds also as stereo

    As a noob audiophile in the planning stage of a renovation, I am looking for some advice please. In the bedroom I want to have this setup: - a TV with LCR or passive soundbar in front + 2 surround rear left / right passive speakers - connected to an AVR that is located in another room (media...
  3. B

    Bypassing Streamer (Wiim) DAC

    I’m a newbie, to digital, I admit it. I’m confused on digital to digital output and if DA conversion occurs once, twice. I’d like to stream (have a Pro + w the DAC), to my R26 R2R (which I feed to a Levinson preamp via XLR). If I’m running Wiim via say Optical (24/192 vis WiFi), into Gustard...
  4. C

    Is my amp enough for my speakers?

    I just bought a Wiim amp and Kef R3 metas.I will be listening to the speakers around 3 meters away from them. I have looked at the specs and the amp should deliver enough power. But then i read some articles saying that the Kef R3 needs a beefier amp. So now i am confused.
  5. D

    Purpose of variable input on some power amplifiers.

    I have a WIIM pro plus and was considering connecting it directly to an NAD C268 power amplifier. For safety reasons, I'd use the "variable input" on the back of the amplifier to set a "max" level in case the WIIM volume control goes haywire. Is this a viable solution? I know I can buy a preamp...
  6. C

    How do I connect my setup?

    Hey, I am very close to buying the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-LX and a Fosi Audio V3 with a 48v power supply or an Aiyima A07 Pro Amplifier. I wanna be able to connect them to both my Wiim mini my Topping E30 and my TV, which has Optical and a 2,5 mm jack. This is a dumb question but how do I...
  7. lerp

    Wiim Pro Plus + Fosi V3/BT20a Pro OR Yamaha R-N303?

    Hello everyone! I just picked up a pair of Definitive Technology BP-9020 speakers for a killer deal and am trying to decide which route to go with regards to amplification/interface. Budget is around the $300-350 USD range. I was planning on going with the Yamaha R-N303, but am wondering if...
  8. G

    Confusion over music streaming and DAC for my AVR. Do I need both?

    I am somewhat new to this, so please forgive me. I'm trying to figure out if I need a music streamer and a DAC, just the streamer, or if there's another path I'm not considering. I have been working on improving my audio situation in my living room a Denon AVR-X4800 and have a 2.1 speaker...
  9. Graham849

    WiiM Amp discussion

    For Q4 release. HDMI and USB input Volume control also allows pause/play
  10. regan

    Add Bluetooth to Studio Monitors without quality loss

    I want to make my studio monitors (kali lp8v2) be able to play wirelessly from my phone. Without affecting audio quality. Would adding a wiim mini/pro to the dac do that? A combo like Topping DO100 (or any other dac idk what to choose) + Wiim would be able to play tidal lossles from my phone?
  11. Jeromeof

    Fosi Audio T10 - initial opinions

    I thought I would share my initial opinions about the Fosi Audio T10. Note: this is not a necessarily a review either subjective or objective. I am just providing some brief opinions below. I will attempt to answer questions in any follow on comments as I further test this unit. In my opinion...
  12. H

    Best way to connect streamer to Loxjie A30

    Based on the review by AMIRM I ordered a Loxjie A30. It appeared that the digital input was a lot better than using the analog input though I may have misread it. I have a Chromecast Audio. I read somewhere on ASR that digital out on the CCA would convert the signal from analog back to digital...
  13. H


    Tried to delete
  14. J

    Popping issue - WiiM + Audioengine DAC

    Issue: Between tracks the DAC gives audible click and also a popping noise from speakers. Enough to ruin listening experience. Tried: Reverted back to using the AUX out and bypassing the DAC = works fine. Same issue if I use a different USB power source If I take the WiiM out the mix and use...
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