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Wiim Changelog and Roadmap


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Nov 29, 2019
BC, Canada
Here's a list of useful links for Wiim products, their changelogs and upcoming roadmap, since Wiim keeps this information across several sources.

Software for Mobile (called Wiim Home):
- Apple IOS Store. Click on 'version history' to see full changelog. This method of accessing the changelog appears (to me) the only easy way to get a full list of changes.
- Android Play Store. Scroll down until you see “What's New”. Doesnt show full changelog on the website, unless you have Android phone (in which case, the full changelog should be visible to your mobile device, once you view the app from the Google Play Store, I believe).
- Forum. I'm guessing this forum thread is a few days behind the Apple/Android store changelog. Doesn’t show full changelog on this forum, but only a few last versions.

Firmware for Hardware:
- Wiim Mini.
- Wiim Amp.
- Wiim Pro.
- Wiim Pro Plus.
- Wiim Ultra.

Upcoming Roadmap for Hardware:
- Wiim Mini Roadmap.
- WiiM Amp Roadmap.
- Wiim Pro and Pro Plus Roadmap.
- Wiim Ultra - N/A

- Wiim Ultra - Expected Crutchfield July 5. and Amazon.com

Unreleased/Upcoming Hardware:
- Wiim Amp Pro - expected Q3 2024

- I've added a few notes to show how much variance there is for product changelogs/roadmap.
- Let me know if there's more useful links that I missed.
- Feel free to discuss this topic, as well.

- 2024-07-18 Added Wiim Ultra firmware
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Wiim Home v2.10.0, as of June 16, 2024:

What's new:
1. Room Correction: Improve your listening experience with the new Room Correction feature, which adjusts your speakers to match your room's acoustics. Available in the upcoming firmware update.
2. WiiM Ultra Settings: Added screen and photo input settings for WiiM Ultra.
3. Deezer Favorites Sorting: Sort your Deezer favorites with new sorting options.
4. Qobuz Login Enhancement: Updated Qobuz OAuth2 login to support third-party login.

Bug Fixes:
1. EQ Settings: Resolved issues with adjusting EQ in inactive modes and custom EQ with special characters.
2. Italian Localization: Improved translations for a smoother user experience.
3. iHeartRadio Live Radio: Correct stations now shown for your region.
4. General Enhancements: Various performance improvements and bug fixes to enhance overall operation.
Wiim Home v2.10.1, as of June 20, 2024:

What's New:
1. DLNA Cast (Beta): Allows casting audio to any DLNA-enabled speaker, providing seamless and flexible streaming.

iOS Release Notes

What's New:

1. Room Correction Enhancements:
· Added a sound check step for more accurate room correction.
· Improved the algorithm to detect microphone recording failures and provide better user instructions.
2. NAS Enhancements:
· Display high-quality artwork.
· Correctly show artist names.
3. USB Media Library Optimization:
· Improved scanning process.
· Better organization of albums with the same name but different artists.

Bug Fixes:

1. General Enhancements: Various performance improvements and bug fixes for enhanced overall operation.

Android Release Notes (Under Review by Google Play)

What's New:

1. Tablet UI: Enhanced support for tablets, providing an improved user experience.
2. NAS Enhancements: Display high-quality artwork; show the correct artist names.
3. USB Media Library Optimization: Improved the scanning process; better organization of albums for the same album with different artists.

Bug Fixes:

1. Qobuz Logout Issue: Fixed the issue preventing logout from Qobuz.
2. General Enhancements: Various performance improvements and bug fixes to enhance overall operation.
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