speaker placement

  1. rolltide

    On-Ceiling Speakers Advice for 3,456 Cubic Feet Basement Home Theatre with Floor Plan & Photos

    Hello friends - I need advice on installing on-ceiling speakers in my basement home theatre. I have included an overhead and side view floor plan I made in Figma and photos of the basement. The main floor is above the basement so there's no attic access, and I'd prefer on-ceiling as opposed to...
  2. D

    Decrease Room Reflections in a Hexagon Room

    First Post on this website, hoping to get some feedback on this. I just bought a house and the middle room was the only room that made sense to turn into an office/studio. I currently have a pair of Yamaha HS-7's and was considering purchasing LP-6's or IN-5 since they claim to work well for...
  3. M

    5.1.4 In-Wall or Bookshelves? Design feedback request

    My house is currently being remodeled and I managed to broker a deal with my wife to update my home theater. I won't have a dedicated theater room, but it will be primarily be used to house my AV gear. I've received so many differing opinions from sales guys--it's driving me nuts, haha. I’m...
  4. K

    How is your current speakers placement?

    How is your current speakers placement? I am mostly interested in the results of the poll, but It would also be good to write brand and model as well as listening distance and room dimension if you wish. Feel of course free to share your thoughts and/or your experience with different speakers...
  5. Jim Shaw

    New Explainer About Bass Room Acoustics

    BASS ROOM MODES, which we just have to manage to live with, is the subject. Over the years, there have been tons of 'arm waving' attempts to show how and why room modes affect music playback. Just recently, Kyle of Audio University uploaded this on his YT channel. I believe he comes closer to...
  6. eyes-on-you

    Revel F228BE for 10’x 14’x 8,66’ Room

    Hello, I moved to a new house. I have a dedicated room for my hi-fi setup. I am free in acoustic tratement and placement. Do you think the Revel F228 would be big in a room of this size? How should I place the speakers? For now, there is a large diffuser in the front. I placed the system on...
  7. E

    Room accoustics - wall treatment vs near your head treatment

    I lack any accoustic measuring equipment and seek thoughts as to where the management of reflections can be acheived. Room periphery vs next to my head. Please bare with me, I appreciate that this is unlikely to be ideal. My live-in room treatment enforcer (many of us have one of those)...
  8. curiouspeter

    Is it an issue if I have to move one of the speakers often?

    I am planning to place one of the speakers near the air inlet of the HVAC. I will need to move the speakers every few months to replace the air filter. Is this a common situation? Will this degrade performance in any way?
  9. R

    Kind of rant regarding what speakers to buy, environmentalism etc.

    Hello everyone, have been lurking this website for the past months. I just moved into my new place, first time living on my own yada yada yada. To get to the point, I am hesitant in buying speakers. In order to not increase my carbon/ecological footprint exponentially, buy one pair of speakers...
  10. D

    where should the speakers stand in a room and how can I make an acoustic isolation

    Hello everyone, I am new to music production and I want to arrange a room for music production. In this way, where should the speakers stand in a room and how can I make an acoustic isolation. Thanks for your time !
  11. R

    Ceiling speaker placement

    We are installing a 5.2.4 home theater in a room approximately 22' x 15'. The TV is 85" diagonal and the speaker placement is configured for Atmos. As indicated in the attached drawing, the two left ceiling speakers are actually installed about 1 foot to the left of the locations indicated in...
  12. Coach_Kaarlo

    New Home = where to locate the speakers?

    Thanks for reading this - I hope some experienced members can help me. Yes, I love the journey of measuring, listening, changing, and repeating again. However I have just spent 3 months tuning the speaker location and DSP/ DIRAC in my old apartment only to be moving to a new one! First world...
  13. VictorSF

    Don’t stand so close to me

    Any recommendations for speakers that play nice close to the wall?
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