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Ceiling speaker placement


Sep 19, 2020
We are installing a 5.2.4 home theater in a room approximately 22' x 15'. The TV is 85" diagonal and the speaker placement is configured for Atmos. As indicated in the attached drawing, the two left ceiling speakers are actually installed about 1 foot to the left of the locations indicated in the drawings. Our goal is to achieve the best possible 3D effect with Dirac Live and the AudioControl X9. Should we:

Option 1. Leave the ceiling speakers as they are? The benefit of this option is cost efficiency, but it places a burden on Dirac Live to perform, and we're not sure whether this type of ceiling-speaker asymmetry is something that can be fully corrected.

Option 2. Move the two right ceiling speakers rightward about a foot toward the glass window.

What do you recommend? In other words, can Dirac Live with AudioControl Maestro X9 correct for this asymmetry?


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Mar 9, 2020
Since it's only a foot, I wouldn't worry about it much. If you are able to aim the speakers toward the listening position, then the seats can still get the on-axis sound, and you (or Dirac) can adjust the levels to balance it. One of my in-ceiling speakers had to be installed farther away than the others because of a light fixture, and it has been fine. A lot of the Atmos height effects are big, wide sounds like rain, whooshes, etc. so I doubt it will be a problem for you.
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