1. F

    Help me decide, open-back headphones around 300$

    -=PREVIOUS HEADPHONE=- I've been using the DT990 for quite a few years now but it's time to upgrade as the right driver stopped working. The main issues I had with that headphone were: 1) Cheap plastic hinges that would break really easy ( had to replace them twice ) 2) Fatiguing audio to the...
  2. M

    Closed back headphones under $1000 for movies and series

    I'm looking for a pair of over the ear closed back headphones under $1000. I binge watch a lot of movies and series and sometimes listen to music. The source is my PC motherboard's integrated audio but I plan on replacing it with a DAC/Amp. The budget of $1000 is only for the headphones. I...
  3. D

    Looking for a bluetooth transmitter with these features

    Hi All, I'm looking for a bluetooth transmitter. It should mainly have these 2 features: 1) Should support transmitting via bluetooth as well as aux. 2) Automation i.e. If bluetooth device is connected, audio is transmitted via bluetooth else it is transmitted via aux. I shouldn't have to...
  4. J

    Speaker recommendation for my use case?

    I like how many in this forum take a scientific view toward speaker assessment. I’ve been reading a ton but it’s hard to get to a bottom line based on my specific circumstances, hence this post. What top few speaker brands/models would you recommend based on the following requirements? -Music...
  5. momonone

    ATC 11 and AE 1 classic amp?

    Hi all, i recently need 2 amp (different room) for AE1 Classic and ATC 11 , i don really have much to spend, maybe under 1k usd? both room around 120 sq ft...
  6. K

    One headphone that can lasts my whole life to choose from?

    Sorry for bothering here! Newbie here. So here I am trying to find the one headphone that can last me a lifetime. I have a Sennheiser HD 206 that I have used for years now and I am deciding to retire it due to its bad condition. I am not an audiophile, but I do want a headphone that can sound...
  7. G

    Recommendations for active near field speakers

    Hello! I have Focal Shape Twins with Burson Composer Dac\Preamp for my desktop setup for music, gaming and movies. So wanted to ask, what would be the logical upgrade for active near field speakers\monitors for the same application. Focal Trio6 BE? Focal Trio11 BE? Or they are better for studio...
  8. L

    About active noise cancelling measurements.

    I noticed that Amirm doesn't provide a well measured ANC quality graphic or any data, maybe he is not very interested with this feature. But I really need a headphone with really good noice cancellation without considering sound quality (I work in a very noisy office environment). So I wanted...
  9. T

    Another budget Amp recommendation for Dali Spektor 1

    Hello everyone, Planning to buy my first sets of speakers and need some help with it. Following are the details which might be helpful for you - My room - 2.6 m X 3.5 m. It's used as Living + Study + Bedroom Windows - 1.7 m X 1.8 m high Curtains on two adjacent walls (curtains supposed to...
  10. H

    Looking for recommendations for a new setup

    Hello everyone, We will renovate our flat soon and this is a perfect time to upgrade my audio setup. I'd very much appreciate any feedback from the ASR community. This is what I want to replace: - B&W 685 mounted on the wall - Onkyo TX-SR505E integrated amp - currently the only source is a...
  11. I

    Looking for a straight barebones DAC

    I’m looking for suggestions on a dac for my powered active studio monitors. I’m mainly looking to record and mix music so accuracy performance is a huge deal. This will be connected through digital outs of my Universal Apollo X6, to my active studio monitors. Here is a list of what I am...
  12. P

    Subwoofer to pair with F208s

    Hey all! Im currently looking at a few different Rythmik subs to pair with my F208s. Trying to debate if the F12 is big enough or if I should jump to the F15/FVX15. Will most likely start with one and move to two in the future. The room is open concept with a kitchen attached to the living...
  13. sweetchaos

    List of Amir's Recommended Speakers, for Canadians

    This thread is intended for Canadian shoppers, looking to purchase speakers. _______________________________________ Highly Recommended Passive Speakers (sorted CDN $-$$): - Passive speakers that received the "Golfing/Soccer Panther Award"...
  14. V

    Recommendation for DAC/AMP for TR-X00 Purpleheart

    Budget is around $500. Can go above if needed but would prefer to stay within budget. Also can focus on Amp 1st and grab a DAC at a later date if needed.
  15. N

    Beginner-advice: Buying DAC/Amp for planar magnetic headphone

    Happy Holidays :=) Thanks for the forum, all the reviews and comments ;) I've read some of them (even the beginner's guide) but some things I do not understand and for some, the more I read, the more confused. So I simply ask for an explanation- and buying advice. Current setup for stationary...
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