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Recommended USB interface? (ADC/DAC)


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Apr 14, 2023
Hi, I'm searching to buy a USB interface that I can use for two purposes:

1) Play HD music from a Raspberry Pi through usb and connecting the (line) output to an amplifier.
2) Record music from my turntable (through my iFi Zen phono preamp, so it needs to have a line input) to a Raspberry Pi/laptop on HD

It would only be used with Linux, so it needs to be USB Audio Class (aren't all usb interfaces?)
I don't need phantom mic inputs, guitar inputs, more than 2 (stereo) inputs/outputs, etc. (but I don't mind if those are options as long as I can ignore them :) ). What I would like to have is the best possible audio quality (both playing and recording from line output/inputs) so it should support at least 192kHz, 24 bits and have as low noise and distortion as possible.

I might use it to record from a synthesizer (which wouldn't be that different from recording from the phono preamp since both would use the same line input) and MIDI connectors would be nice although not completely a requirement.

I've seen the MOTU M4 seems to be a good option with good scores, but I wonder... is there any better USB interface recommendation around that price range? (< 300€ maybe 400€ if it's really really worth it).

I don't use balanced cables (all my cables are quite short so I don't think those are really neded) so I mainly use RCA connectors. I think I'll have to use a pair of RCA to 6.3mm jack adapters with the MOTU M4, right?



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Nov 17, 2018
If you don't need all those features, something from RME might serve you better
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