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  1. Z

    Loxjie A30 vs NAD D3020 V2

    Hey there guys. I am in the market for budget amp for my pair of wharferdale diamond 12.1 It so happens that shipping a Loxjie A30 from France (I love in EU) costs the same as a used NAD D3020 V2, they both come at ~200€ I will use the digital input to connect to my tv from which I stream...
  2. F

    New member needs new system and your advice.

    I bought my first system in Japan in 1968, and have replaced the parts over the years. Now, I’m a new place and need a new system. The rooms are cozy (not tiny), and I will probably need an integrated amp that can receive music both by wire and Bluetooth, and deliver at least 75W per channel...
  3. Y

    Used Topping DX7s or New Topping EX5?

    Hi everyone! I need your help with selecting proper audio equipment. I can buy used DX7s for $265. Is it worth buying them now? I currently use Aune X1s 10th and need balanced outputs for active monitors (Kali Audio LP-6 v2) and a collection of headphones and IEMs. I'm also struggling between...
  4. A

    Just got my first good passive speakers, where do I go from here?

    Hello sages of Audio Science Review! This is my first time posting here, came from r/BudgetAudiophile in reddit which advocates a lot for passive speakers, and I am curious on how I can improve my first good set of speakers. Currently I have the Aiyima A07 and Wharfedale D320s (Measurement can...
  5. 1

    Good outside audio blocking headphones solely for listening to music/gaming

    Hello, I'm looking for some decent noise-cancelling headphones for listening to music and gaming. I value general audio quality and soundstage the most, for reference I previously used the sennheiser hd 599s and those were great (besides comfort factor) so I'm looking for something comparable to...
  6. S

    Do I need a AMP and/or DAC for my Sennheiser 660s HD

    I recently purchased my 660s HD and I am not an audiophile to put it simply so im wondering if any specific AMP and if needed as well DAC would improve my experience by increasing audio quality in any shape or form because at this time I just have my headphones plugged directly into my computer...
  7. N

    Should I get a dac/amp or just an amp?

    Hi! I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 599 (50Ω). I used to drive them with my Behringer UMC204HD (which I mainly bought to record). Recently I've figured out that they actually sound better on my desktop PC output. The bass is richer, the volume can get much louder without distortion, and they seem...
  8. I

    Beginner from Germany - looking for advice

    Hey, I registered today after lurking for while. Reading here heavily influenced my decision to return my Audio GD R2R-11 today, which I got in the first place because of all the positive comments across the internet. Also I fell for the description how it supposedly sounds :facepalm: I know...
  9. J

    Element II vs. Modius/Asgard3 stack

    As the title states, I am currently trying to decide between the Element II DAC/AMP Combo vs a Modius/Asgard 3 stack. Currently just have the HD6xx, Sundara, and X2HR. I know that both of these options are overkill for the headphones that I currently own, but I am trying to future proof a little...
  10. S


  11. bricko

    Hello! Audio newbie looking for advice

    Hi everyone! :) I'm an engineering student and former forum-lurker looking to start my journey into quality audio. I've been looking to get a decent system for a while, and this year I'm actually going to bite the bullet. I've been obsessing over speaker and amplifier reviews, and before I go...
  12. K

    smsl sp200 + m200 vs m500

    Hi, Ignoring the fact that m200 has no MQA and smsl sp200 + m200 would 50 GBP more. Is the sp200+m200 combo much better (especially amp section) that the one integrated in m500 amp/dac combo? I'm looking to pair it with DT1990 headphones. Thanks
  13. C

    Need help with amp/DAC decisions :)

    Discussion: I bought a Lyr 2 because I was auditioning a ton of stuff at home and I wanted something I was sure would power anything I caught hold of. I've basically never heard any other upstream gear besides a couple other Schiit amps. I was always skeptical of audiophile reviews, despite...
  14. C

    Considering changing up my amp/DAC

    Current chain: Modi 2 -> Lyr 2 (LSST tubes) Cans: HD800 (SDR EQ) Rosson RAD-0 ZMF Verite Closed (Also JH Angie, ER3XR) Portable DAPs: iPod + Rockbox Hidizs AP80 LG V20 Phone Budget: $550 unless there's a big jump in price-performance after that. If there is, maybe considering an extra $2-300...
  15. K

    Seeking DAC / AMP combo suggestions, please!

    Hi guys! I’m completely new to the audiophile world and just purchased a pair of HD650’s. I’ve found myself getting lost in a sea of varying opinions / reviews on how to optimally drive them. I’d deeply appreciate all advice and suggestions for a DAC / AMP combo - either all in one or...
  16. egglol

    AMP and DAC for my setup

    (no longer necessary, delete please thanks.)
  17. C

    Looking for an upgrade from ATH M50X

    I've had the M50X's for a few years now and I've enjoyed them, but I've started to become underwhelmed by the quality (they're also starting to break down a little). Not sure what the best way to put this is, I'd like to feel the music more, have it be more immediate, closer to my mind (sorry if...
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