1. S

    Choosing headphones under 500-600$ in 2023

    Good afternoon, audiophiles! I want to choose full-size headphones. Detailed in priority. Of course, I would like more or less even in the frequency response, low distortions, and that the middle was not swamped (like a V-shaped FR), but the main thing is details and separation. Also I'm not a...
  2. L

    Is Hifiman He400Se good choice for audio production and mixing?

    Hello, I don't know if someone has already asked this, but my question is whether the hifiman 400se headphones would be a good option for mainly producing, mixing and, in the end, listening to music? Or is there another better headphones for my purpouse in this or little above price range? Thank...
  3. H

    stack for hifiman edition xs?

    hello, this is my first post here. i plan on getting the hifiman xs as my first actually high quality headphone and i want to get the best amp dac stack for them. i specifically want a stack since i plan to add more things later down the line and this makes upgradeable easier. my first...
  4. Dunring

    Hifiman Audivina arrived today

    Just arrived, haven't had a chance to open the Zero Red yet. I'm on the loaner program for 2 weeks so I'll be using these exclusively with the same SMSL SU-8s and SP200 just for consistency. They're easy to power, in low gain mode I would never go above 50 percent volume. I have to desire to EQ...
  5. dpippel

    FOR SALE: 2020 HiFiMan Sundara - Minty

    Selling my lightly used pair of 2020 Sundaras in excellent, like-new condition. I'm the original owner and they come from a smoke-free home. These have been my work desk headphones and I'd say they probably have a total of 200-250 hours on them. They are excellent in every way and include the...
  6. Dunring

    Easy way to remove Hifiman pads on different models

    I've had all the Hifiman models up to the Arya, but didn't see any good tutorials on how to safely remove the pads on the various models. On the secondary market I see a lot of ripped pads on stuff for sale, so here's a quick trick for each type. For the Ananda, Edition XX/XS, or Arya type...
  7. A

    HIFIMAN EF600 Desktop R2R DAC/Amp Headphone Stand

    There is a new HIFIMAN EF600 desktop DAC/Amp available for preorder: https://apos.audio/products/hifiman-ef600-desktop-dac-amp The TLDR; is: Shaped like a headphone stand 2x R2R Ladder DAC It's an EF400 with a different shape, 2 DAC chips, and more input More inputs than the EF400s USB, (RCA...
  8. staticV3

    Poll: Which HE400se EQ Preset sounds best?

    Here's a little experiment to see which HE400se measurement produces the best EQ preset when corrected to Harman OE2018. Note that this headphone has impressively low unit variation, which might make deciding rather difficult, so I'm giving you three votes. The presets can only be used with...
  9. O

    Upgrading AMP to Asgard 3, is my DX3 Pro+ Sufficient as a DAC for my Hifiman Edition XS?

    I'm simply wondering if the DX3 Pro+ is a sufficient enough DAC alone for the Asgard 3. If my DX3 Pro+ is sufficient enough let alone to not buy anything else, I'm all ears. If there are any other suggestions, I'm fully open to as well. Whatever performs or is suggested for my Edition XS, I...
  10. T

    [FS][EU] HifiMan HE6SE V1 (not Adorama) + Original Hifiman Case

    For sale, the highly-acclaimed Hifiman HE6SE v1 (not Adorama version) Headphone in mint condition with all accessories, as shown in pictures. The so-called 'Beast' headphone is considered one of the best planar HPs ever made. Bonus gift: Original HifiMan black travel case Price: 600E
  11. C

    First amp

    Hey, I want to buy an amp for my desktop PC, I just got the Hifiman Sundara. I currently own a M-track solo I am pretty sure it has a preamp, is it good enough or is it worth buying an amp? I have looked at the topping L30. The measurements seem good. The specs of my mobo are: SupremeFX S1220A...
  12. S

    How to sell here without getting scammed? Hifiman HE400se, new in sealed label/box for sale

    How to sell here without getting scammed? Hifiman HE400se, new in sealed label/box for sale, MSRP is $150 Is there any way to protect myself from a scammer who would claim shipment damage or faulty headphones/incorrect model shipped, then return some junk to me, keeping the good headphones &...
  13. S

    Consensus on the best mid-fi Hifiman to get these days?

    Consensus on the best mid-fi Hifiman to get these days? I don't want to go over $200, and I prefer a neutral sound. Amp will be JDS Labs Atom. I want something that competes with the Senn HD-600. Thank y'all!
  14. N

    Suggestion for headphones for Schiit Modi 3+ and Magni Heresy

    Hello everyone! I am a complete beginner on this audiophile journey, so any help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated!. I am a huge fan of the Beatles and classic rock music. To get the best sound of the music I love, I started to find a good (headphones + DAC + amp) setup that I would...
  15. L

    Hifiman he1000se sounds terrible! Now I know why there is so much fuzz about frequency responce.

    I think I luckily owned a well tuned headphone for a long time so I never saw frequency response as a big issue. Always wondered why everyone is so obsessed with frequency response in their headphone reviews and recommendations. Until I tried on Hifiman he 1000se. This Hifiman headphone is a...
  16. B

    Help with my setup! Hifiman He-400

    I have a pc with an MPK 249 and Hifiman He-400’s. The hifimans are the originals not the newer editions. My sound just isn’t that impressive with them and I’ve read that I may need a Dac and Amplifier or combination with them. I am very confused on which route to take and what would give me the...
  17. S

    Roon EQ with Amazon Music HD

    Roon EQ with Amazon Music HD? I gather that Roon and Amazon Music HD will not work together. I have a Hifiman HE400i on the way, and according to Amir, it isn't recommended unless you can EQ. I have to use Amazon Music HD, so now I'm wondering what to do. I want to use Amir's exact EQ...
  18. A

    SOLD: [EU/DE] Hifiman Sundara - Like new - 280€ shipped

    Hi there. Selling the pictured headphones. Last week I bought these Sundara and a pair of Ananda as "open box" to try out. Due to personal preferences (mostly fit) I decided to keep the Ananda and sell the Sundara. They're like new, came actually sealed from the factory. I used them probably...
  19. G

    Upgrade from a Philips Fidelio x1s Headphone to...?

    Hi guys I own a Philips Fidelio x1s. Which upgrade would be interesting in the price range up to $ 500 Would these be good options? Massdrop HD58X Massdrop HD6xx Hifiman HE400
  20. P

    Topping DX3 Pro or FiiO K5 Pro for my Hifiman Sundaras

    Hello and happy new year! I've got a pair of Sundaras past week and love them. Now i'm using them with Focusrite 2i4. I can't get to decent listening levels without distortion. I prefer DAC + AMP for convenience. These to (topping and FiiO) are my winners for now. I wan't to stay in this price...
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