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Easy way to remove Hifiman pads on different models


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Feb 7, 2021
I've had all the Hifiman models up to the Arya, but didn't see any good tutorials on how to safely remove the pads on the various models. On the secondary market I see a lot of ripped pads on stuff for sale, so here's a quick trick for each type.

For the Ananda, Edition XX/XS, or Arya type, simply put your fingernail in the seam and press right there for each side to free nine the clips. When you have a couple of them, it'll just fall out. They go back in fairly easily using the same method to get the hooks back in (the hooks face outward). Pressing anywhere else is almost a sure way to tear the fragile pleather away from the ring where it's sealed. If that happens, putting some Loctite Gel on the head of a pin can give you a pinpoint way to apply some to the seam and tuck in it. The gel won't run, much better than drippy glue.

For the HE4xx/400i type round pads, use a credit card in the seam to push the clip in, starting left-right and the ones in the top-bottom positions. To put them back, just seat the first three in, then use the credit card to put pressure on the last one, while using your thumb to press in on the pad itself right over the clip for down force.

To clean them, use a delicates bag and unscented laundry detergent on the gentle cycle, with a velcro or zip tie to keep them separated in the bag, so the clips don't scratch the other pads.

Unscented Fabreeze for cloth is also good, just spray it on a paper towel and rub it in, then cover it to let it dry slowly. That stuff needs time to form a doughnut shaped molecule around the protein to lock in the scent. Nothing beats washing them before a sale, they always sell much faster if you mention you did that. I dry them using a dehumidifier, but a hair dryer on no heat left blowing (or a fan) will get them dry quickly. If the outer pleather rings are cool to the touch, it usually means they aren't dry yet. The inner part of the pad is the last to dry. I don't use fabric softener, as it coats the material and gets in the foam.

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