1. M

    Emotiva BasX A-300, looking to upgrade

    Hello everyone, I have a modest setup and am looking for more detail and clarity in my music/movies. I have SVS Ultra bookshelfs (and a pair of Polk LSi 703) that I rotate between and a SVS 12 inch sealed subwoofer in the lower right corner. They are being powered by an Emotiva A-300 stereo amp...
  2. D

    Audiolab vs. emotiva

    Hello, What do you guys recommend? I’m looking at: Emotiva Ta-1 Audiolab 6000a How do they both compare and which would you consider is the better value for the money in terms of overall performance and all? Currently using Klipsch RP-600-M II. Thank you!
  3. W

    Emotiva pt1 phase issues rd 02a.

    Salesman tried selling me expensive cables. He connected some streamer to emotiva pt1 then basx 300. He then rotated cable and sound was way different. I have hard time figuring out what happend. Of course he said that the reason why I don't like those speakers is because all my installation in...
  4. N

    Matching separates (pre/pro to amp)???

    Hi, Team. Wondering if there is a rule of thumb here, in terms gain matching your prepro and amps, in a separates config…. I have a very poor understanding here. I read about clipping, and ensuring enough voltage on the pre-outs to enable max output from your amp. Is there not protection built...
  5. sweetchaos

    Emotiva Airmotiv C1+ Center Channel (review by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for another speaker review! This is Emotiva 3-way center channel for US$300/ea. FYI, it's been out of stock for months now. https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/emotiva_airmotiv_c1plus/ Preference score (according to Erin): 1.6 (5.0 with sub) Erin's...
  6. A

    2x Arendal 1723 2s or 2x SVS SB16 Ultra or 2x Emotiva Airmotiv RS13 or....?

    Hello everyone I just can't get any result - thats why I hope someone in here can help :-9 I'm looking for 2 subs that can't be bigger than ABSOLUTESMAX (sizewise) is a SVS SB16 ULTRA - so something like PB16 is eliminated.... for my room, which has a volume of approx. 320m³(7500 kubikfoot), it...
  7. A

    Pioneer AVR vs Emotiva Pre/Amp

    HI I am new to the forum, but been a long time reader. I have an old pioneer vsx 820k 110W x 5 receiver that i am using to power a pair of tekton M lore's and a SVS sb 1000 pro sub for base. Listening to music and the occasional movie (2.1 Channels only) I was looking for an upgrade and was...
  8. flyzipper

    Emotiva BasX MC1 13.2 Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Processor

    Received an email from Emotiva today announcing this. https://emotiva.com/en-ca/collections/processors/products/basx-mc1-13-2-channel-dolby-atmos-dts-x-cinema-processor Apparently it's a re-packaged Tonewinner AT-300 (not entirely sure about that). Its lack of HDMI 2.1 support makes it a hard...
  9. sweetchaos

    Emotiva Airmotiv C2+ Center Channel Speaker (review by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for his review: https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/emotiva_airmotiv_c2plus/ Erin's conclusion: Discuss!
  10. sweetchaos

    Sound United and Emotiva prices going up in Jan 2022

    Just saw this post on reddit, that mentions that both Sound United and Emotiva are increasing prices as of Jan 2022: I asked about the source of this information, and here was the reply: Sound United is a parent company for these brands: 1. Denon 2. Polk 3. Marantz 4. Bowers & Wilkins 5...
  11. sweetchaos

    Erin posted the Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ tower speaker review

    Erin just posted the Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ (3-way) tower speaker review! Retails for US$1000/pair. Look at the size of these bad boys! Overall conclusion from Erin: Thanks to @hardisj for measuring this beast of a speaker. :D Discuss!
  12. anphex

    Weird phenomenon with Emotiva XPA Gen3

    Hi folks, greetings from Berlin! due to a pretty big upgrade in my hifi system I came to occupy myself with looking for a fitting power amp. The speakers are Nubert NuVero 170 which are said to be very power hungry with 85db/1W and mercilessly monitor like (they are). I was powering them with a...
  13. sweetchaos

    Emotiva launched new generation of BasX amplifiers

    Emotiva just launched new generation of BasX (class A/B) amplifiers. 2-channel: BasX A2 Stereo Amplifier for US$450 3-channel: BasX A3 Three-Channel Power Amplifier for US$500 4-channel: BasX A4 Four-Channel Power Amplifier for US$500 5-channel: BasX A5 Five-Channel Power Amplifier for US$600...
  14. M

    Emotiva on transformers vs SMPS

    Nice to see they have an Audio Precision; now if only they followed Schiit & Topping in releasing the AP reports.
  15. M

    Emotiva B1+ quasi-Spin & measurements | Archimago

    https://archimago.blogspot.com/2021/02/measurements-emotiva-airmotiv-b1.html? I was gonna say it looked poor, until I noticed he only used a 30dB scale. Taking that into mind, this is really good for $230 (the original B1 was $300). Do not use the grilles though. Oh, and he also goes on to...
  16. Matias

    Emotiva Ultra Sub 12 died

    My sub won't turn on and since this model is 10+ years old (this is my 2nd board, I changed in 2014), Emotiva said they have no replacement parts, so I am left to deal with it. Great. I don't identify who built this board to order a replacement, and the size is not exactly the same as the...
  17. N

    Alternative for Emotiva BTM-1 (USB Bluetooth adapter)

    Hello, I'm looking an alternative for the BTM-1 to Emotiva TA-100. I found 1Mii B10 and Avantree DG60, but I'm not sure if these adapters can be used on this Amp. I'd like to know if it is possible to connect to them by phone to stream music? (supposedly they are only transmitters). I am...
  18. S

    FS: Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2 Preamplifier

    Unit is in perfect working order, also aesthetically in excellent condition. Price: $800 Shipping: US + Canada Contact me with any questions or concerns
  19. Hifihedgehog

    ***CLOSED*** [WTB] [US-MI] [H] PayPal [W] Pair of Emotiva Stealth 8

    Looking to acquire a pair of Stealth 8's as the capstone to my home audiophile system. (I have also cross-posted this to r/HardwareSwap, r/AVExchange, Head-Fi, AVS Forum, US Audio Mart, and The Emotiva Lounge.) Accepting offers.
  20. amirm

    AXPONA: Emotiva

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