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2x Arendal 1723 2s or 2x SVS SB16 Ultra or 2x Emotiva Airmotiv RS13 or....?


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Jan 20, 2022
Hello everyone
I just can't get any result - thats why I hope someone in here can help :-9

I'm looking for 2 subs that can't be bigger than ABSOLUTESMAX (sizewise) is a SVS SB16 ULTRA - so something like PB16 is eliminated....
for my room, which has a volume of approx. 320m³(7500 kubikfoot), it is quite large (ceiling height up to 3.70m)

I am currently running 4x in CEILING KEF CI 200rr, surrounds 2x KEF CI 200rr, Front+ Center KEF CI 3160rl on a Marantz SR 8015.

Now I need 2 subs and can't come to a sensible decision:_)

I wanted to import Rhtymtik or Funk Audio from the USA / Canada first, but everything is going to be far too tedious and too expensive, so now subs from Germany or EUROPE.
But the question is which of the above or even alternatives?

Can a 1723s even keep up with an SVS SB 16? With 2 Arendal I would save roughly 1100€ vs SVS.

According to the subwoofer comparison table (by @sweetchaos), the Arendal is always slightly behind the SVS sub in terms of level according to CEA 2010...
Who has experience? Due to the size of the room, I need some pressure here...and I don't want to and can't put more than 2 subs.

The Airmotive reads interesting and would be the cheapest of all the above subs. Also it looks pretty nice

Please input / experience and I am open to alternatives as long as they are not ugly :_)
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