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Emotiva BasX A-300, looking to upgrade


Sep 5, 2021
Hello everyone, I have a modest setup and am looking for more detail and clarity in my music/movies. I have SVS Ultra bookshelfs (and a pair of Polk LSi 703) that I rotate between and a SVS 12 inch sealed subwoofer in the lower right corner. They are being powered by an Emotiva A-300 stereo amp and that is being fed by a Burson Audio Conductor 3 Reference DAC/AMP for desktop use in a 14x14 ft room. I have been chasing treble and detail lately as I have been missing that clarity and sparkle in my setup. The only budget item I have left to replace is the amp. Looking for detail and clarity without any warmth as my room seems to be an acoustic nightmare with warmer speakers. I have a massive boost around the 350-500Hz range that I EQ out. Looking for recommendations around the $1000 mark and any advice you guys can give on my speaker angles and positioning. Speakers are 7FT apart on center, desk is 13FT in total.

Another quick question, I have a faint but constant hum through my speakers. It is being caused by the subwoofer. My RCA feed the subwoofer then go from the subwoofer to the amp. I can lessen the hum by using a RCA splitter and using 2 cable sets to feed the amp and sub separately but only by disconnecting the sub RCA's entirely can I eliminate the hum. (Or by unplugging the subs power cord. I have also tried removing the ground from the subwoofer with no effect. Ideas?




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Feb 14, 2018
If you want something cheap, I switched to the ankher liberty pro 3 earbuds and set the eq to "deep". I use it for the PC. They compete with the sound of my HD800S, but provide better more extended low bass. It sounds amazing in movies too. (all subjective impressions).


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Nov 5, 2022
Audioholics has a good article on how to eliminate ground loops:

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