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Alternative for Emotiva BTM-1 (USB Bluetooth adapter)


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Dec 12, 2020
I'm looking an alternative for the BTM-1 to Emotiva TA-100.
I found 1Mii B10 and Avantree DG60, but I'm not sure if these adapters can be used on this Amp. I'd like to know if it is possible to connect to them by phone to stream music? (supposedly they are only transmitters).

I am grateful for any suggestions, maybe there are some other interesting USB adapters. Thanks in advance!


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Dec 23, 2020
Thanks @Hemi-Demon - I'll check that one out too.

The Fiio is about $60 more expensive (at least in AU) but I know the brand name better. Time to look at some reviews!

Update: I ended up buying the FiiO - based on:
- It can act as a receiver, transceiver or straight up DAC (I know it won't be amazing DAC quality compared to a dedicated one)
- It supports LDAC and multiple Bluetooth formats
- coax in/out, optical in and USB in
- coax out, optical out and RCA out
- 30 meter antenna range
- you can pair two together (Z reviews tried this - I have no need but cool that you can share via LDAC format wirelessly)

Thanks for the suggestion - I think especially based on the bluetooth formats it supports (and being flexible to transmit or receive) it is more future proof than the BluDento, so worth the extra money.
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