1. Thunder

    Bookshelf speakers vs studio monitors for just entertainment?

    I'll be using them with my PC to listen to music, watch movies, play games always at nearfield position and I'd like a very good sound quality, I won't be doing any music production, mixing, recording... I have no specific budget. I'm giving 2 examples. Speakers: ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2...
  2. M

    ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0 (UB52) measurements (Amir was right)

    Hello, Some of you might remember the controversial UB52 review where @amirm found a nasty resonance, and ended the review there, for which he received some flak.. Some argued it is just the bad unit he received, and that we should not base ourselves on it, asking for Amir to test another one...
  3. G

    Considering several options for center, sides and surrounds...need some feedback please

    Hello! So I have the JBL 590s as Mains. Currently have been testing various options for center ( another 590 is not an option any time soon). The JBL 520c and 530 were not up to par as a center. The Klipsch 504c, RC-64 III and RC-7 have been the ones I have tested more now. So far the RC-7 and...
  4. N

    SOLD!!!: ELAC Debut Reference DBR62 (White/Oak) (OC/LA/San Diego)

    For sale are a pair of ELAC Debut Reference DBR62 in White/Oak finish. Comes with grilles. They are in like new condition (no scratches, dings, dents, etc) This sale is for pickup in the Southern California area only as I no longer have the original box to ship them. I'm located in Orange...
  5. Bontignole

    First set-up for small living room (EU)

    Hello all, Complete beginner, I am planning my first set-up, connecting my projector and Bluetooth source. Usage would be: 60% movies, 40% music I did some homework however, my main concern is on how to plug the entire set-up After trying to understand my best here is what I seem to...
  6. K

    Elac Debut Ref. DBR62 (500€) or pay over twice the price for Revel M16 (1200€)

    Also a in the middle option for me is the Polk R200 (750€)
  7. K

    New 5.1 setup bookshelf front mains under about 1.5k

    I am replacing my old floorstanding speakers in my 5.1 setup with bookshelf speakers and I just cannot decide because I do not have a lot of listening possibilities here. I might swap out my really old mid channel so that might also get upgraded. My speakers are powered by a Denon AVR X3400H and...
  8. ThatM1key

    My current setup has distortion for some reason now.

    For the past few weeks my desktop setup has been having crackling audio at any volume. High DR and low DR has the same crackling. The oldest part is my Sansui 2000A. You can only hear noise at max volume but its very faint then. My dac is the Topping E30 and my speakers are the Elac Debut 2 b62...
  9. sweetchaos

    Elac Uni-fi 2.0 announced

    Today, ELAC Americas has announced v2.0 of their Uni-Fi series of loudspeakers. The new range of Uni-Fi 2.0 comprises of: - UB52 bookshelf (US$599/pair) (CAD$799/pair) (£549/pair) - UF52 floorstander (US$1,198/pair) (CAD$1,598/pair) (£1,099/pair) - UC52 centre (US$399/each) (CAD$549/each)...
  10. sweetchaos

    AMA with ELAC Americas 09/04 2PM EST (8PM CET)

    r/audiophile will be hosting AMA with ELAC Americas 09/04 2PM EST (8PM CET) Countdown timer: https://countingdownto.com/?c=3186670 4 days and 1 hr left. New thread will be created for AMA on r/audiophile
  11. B

    Buchardt S400 or ELAC DBR-62

    I'm after a new set of speakers to replace KEF LS50's (30 sq room). They will be used for both stereo and Movie duties (stereo), and decent bass impact is quite important (especially for movies, as I don't have space for a subwoofer). On paper, and from what reviews I've read, the S400's should...
  12. amirm

    RMAF 2016: Andrew Jones, ELAC

  13. amirm

    RMAF 2016: Elac and Audio Alchemy

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