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First set-up for small living room (EU)


New Member
Aug 26, 2021
Hello all,

Complete beginner, I am planning my first set-up, connecting my projector and Bluetooth source.

Usage would be: 60% movies, 40% music
I did some homework however, my main concern is on how to plug the entire set-up
After trying to understand my best here is what I seem to understand; am I right?
connect speakers - Copy.png

In term of choice of equipment, I am in Europe and my budget is around 400€
Here is what I am planning to buy based on my previous research:

Loxjie A30: 180€
JBL Stage A130: 300€
Elac Debut B5.2: 200€
DAC converter: 20€
Cable RCA: 5€
Cable Jack to Jack (10m): 9€

Depending on whether I find a deal on JBL stage a130 or not, I'll take the Elacs, such a price difference is too important for my budget.
I chose the Loxjie A30 because of 3 main things, size, remote, bluetooth.
In the future, I will also add a subwoofer but I'll just wait a bit before that.

I am open to recommendations, thanks a lot for all of the knowledge learned on this forum
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