1. E

    DAP with replaceable battery

    Please recommend me a basic digital audio player with replaceable battery and good battery life. I don't need anything powerful, fancy or with bluetooth/wireless functionalities.
  2. fountain

    good dap/mp3 that support both opus and aac (.m4a)?

    searching for a portable player to listen my collection of songs that I downloaded with jdownloader and some songs come in opus, the rest in aac .m4a note: if also supports flac better so I can get some songs I have in flac ty guys :)
  3. fountain

    Is there a lack of audio players on the market?

    I post this because I have noticed that on Amazon, for example, that it is the largest marketplace in the world, if you search for an mp3 you will only find ones of very dubious quality and strange brands that no one knows with very strange names, I have tried two, and both have presented...
  4. S

    Hiby R6iii native PEQ and convolution

    I just received an update on the now older Hiby model, r6iii, that added system wide PEQ. Pretty neat, it works with the plugins that's also system wide. Currently running convolution with crossfeed. It looks to be pretty good, resolution of adjustment is pretty fine and will fit most profiles...
  5. N

    Midrange DAPs with no WIFI or Bluetooth

    I am attempting to find a decent DAP that doesn't have any wireless connectivity and am struggling to find many with a good majority of them being discontinued and I am unable to find them on eBay. I am currently looking at the Hiby RS2 but I want to look at other options.
  6. N

    DAP for HD800s?

    I'm looking for a DAP to conserve battery for my iPhone, and something portable to use for the thieaudio monarch MKIIIs as well as doubling for use with the HD800s at home. I'm just looking at the power requirements and narrowed it down to a few DAPs Sony NW-A306 or NW-ZX707 or Fiio M11 ESS...
  7. baronearikov

    Best dap for new comer?

    Hi, I'm (16) new to the audio world, and I'm planning to buy my first DAP. Currently, I usually use my Samsung S10, which I received from my father, as my daily driver (meh audio). I have around 250 euros now. Can you help me decide among the following options? Shanling M0 Pro HiBy R3 II HiBy...
  8. UrbanAnimism777

    Enough volume but not enough dynamics?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the audiophile world and I'm trying to understand the relationship between an amp providing enough volume and dynamics for power-hungry headphones. I tend to use a Topping L50 on my desktop setup, which drives my Drop 8XX (300 ohms of impedance and 103dB of...
  9. Soria Moria

    Looking for a ‘dumb’ DAP

    I recently got rid of my smart phone to disconnect me from time wasting distractions. My only problem is that my new phone does not work as a music player at all so I’m looking for a portable device that isn’t just a phone without call functions. Something that won’t distract me. I need a lot of...
  10. T

    Anyone use DAP as a streamer? (HiBy + Dock)

    The HiBy R6 III + Dock sells for $599. HiBy has a "remote" Android app that you can use to connect to this from your phone via a BT connection and then play on the DAP. Seems like a poor mans alternative to the EverSolo DMP-A6 / HiFi Rose crowd. This DAP runs Android 12 which means all of the...
  11. MRcrepnoir

    Any better alternatives for the shanling m1s?

    Hi!, i have been getting into audio lately and through buying a cheapo ipod 5.5gen for cheap i have decided to buy a better DAP and through some searching i found the shanling M1s which has plenty of the qualities i want like: -a big amount of storage -physical controls -a decent battery life...
  12. T

    Has there ever been a DAP using button cell?

    I would like to get one
  13. Asking Dumb Questions

    How GOOD is the LG V60 / Dongled LG V60 Vs. Mid-Tier DAPs (<$800)?

    Hi, I need some guidance / advice. Is it worth purchasing a DAP over an LG V60 for my Portable Music Libery that isn't on Sportify? I'm considering a Mid-Tier DAP like the Sony ZX707(Japan) for Portable use but also considering the Cheaper option of the LG V60. Is there a noticable Sound Quality...
  14. R

    DAP with Snapdragon Sound - When?

    I know this is heresy for most audiophiles but I cannot bring myself to continue using wired headphones anywhere except at my desk. For mobile situations it has to be true wireless. It sounds like the new Snapdragon Sound codecs is what will finally convince me to sink $700+ for a really nice...
  15. T

    [FS][EU]Astell&Kern KANN Astro Silver Mint

    For sale the multi-awarded DAP Astell&Kern KANN in Astro Silver color. Package includes: DAP (mint) Original accessories/packaging (mint) Screen protection attached Extra screen protection Mitter leather case (blue color) Shipping from EU. Price: 400 Euros
  16. N

    Considering getting a DAP or better android dongle

    Hey fellow members, I'm considering getting a DAP or better android dongle. I currently have the CX-PRO Audio 31993 384/32. I bought it from amazon for about $20. I listen to CD quality music, not mp3s. So lossless sources, as i'm told by friends is the way to go. I have a pair of KEF M500...
  17. C

    Powering an Aeon 2 Noire question

    I’ve been looking at the DCA Aeon 2 Noire for a while now (I need a new closed-back, love how portable it is with the folding design, the ear shape and comfort seem great, I don’t love a huge amount of punch/slam, love detail), but I have some concerns about powering them. At my desk, it...
  18. G

    DAP, TAS5162

    proposal of DAP using an inexpensive TAS5162 amplifier chipset and Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi   ↓ I2S protocol TAS5508C   ↓ PWM signal TAS5162 *2 (PBTL)   ↓ sound Passive Speakers ▶ 6Ω, 4W = 0.005% THD+N If you limit the output, you can use an inexpensive DC Power supply. . ▷ 4Ω, 200w...
  19. Spring80

    DAP recommendation

    Hi all. Help with choosing DAP, while such options are: Cayin N3Pro, Hiby R5, Fiio M11, IBasso DX160. Since I mainly listen to heavy music (metal, hardcore, metalcore) so I am interested in good bass. What will be better in terms of sound, interface, convenience?
  20. BruceBanner

    Screenless DAP recommendations

    I'm looking for any recommendations. I have a Walnut V1 and V2s, both kinda dying a bit, but I'm also keen to see if there is anything better. I would be pairing with the Fiio A3 amp, to drive either etymotic or PFE 232's. I'd like the following features; - Gapless Playback - Resume (if...
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