1. C

    Sony NWZX300 - quick measurements

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Sony NWZX300 – a beautiful (yet flawed) little beast. Great interface, stunning build quality, snappy performance... but significantly underpowered. Also, there's no "Enqueue" or "Add to playback queue" function, which is a real shame! And beware that buying one...
  2. chriskilbourn

    DAP or dedicated DAC for home listening?

    I need a DAC that I can consider my "end game" have a budget of ~$1,300-1,500. So, I figure I should either purchase either a... 1. High-end DAP (ex. A&K, Questyle) that can act as my DAC and music server/streamer, or 2. Dedicated non-portable DAC (ex. RME ADI-2 DAC) that I'd connect to my...
  3. darmanastartes

    Radsone ES100 vs Fiio BTR1K: measurements interpretation request

    I was wondering if anyone could compare and interpret measurements of the Radsone ES100 and the Fiio BTR1K for me. I'm trying to decide if the ES100 is worth spending double the price of the BTR1K, especially given that I have no interest in making a significant investment in balanced cables. I...
  4. F

    List of old high-end DAPs that beat new models. Deals to be made?

    This is basically a place where you can list high end discountinued models that most probably can be bought at low-mid prices today. This is definately not a thread commercially focused forums will appreciate but audioscience seems to be by the user for the user. I was inspired to create this...
  5. Graph Feppar

    Streaming FLAC from PC to DAP?

    Hello, I am considering buying Fiio player with WiFi. I know it can stream loseless red book quality from Tidal but I dont know how streaming FLAC from PC works. If I have Windows 10 and bunch of 16bit 44.1KHz FLACs that I want to play using VLC media player, how do I make it so my WiFi DAP...
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