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  1. yllanos

    Thoughts on Topping MX3s DAC/AMP?

    Recently announced. https://apos.audio/products/topping-mx3s-built-in-bluetooth-receiver-dac-headphone-amp-digital-amplifier I’d love to see a balanced version of this model.
  2. B

    NAD 3020B as a headphone amplifier

    Hey, I'm currently using a vintage NAD 3020B as a headphone and speaker amplifier paired with a topping d10s, I have many pairs of headphones, my main pair being the hd 6xx. I feel like I could be sacrificing some sound quality using this unit as an amplifier for my headphones and was thinking...
  3. A

    HIFIMAN EF600 Desktop R2R DAC/Amp Headphone Stand

    There is a new HIFIMAN EF600 desktop DAC/Amp available for preorder: https://apos.audio/products/hifiman-ef600-desktop-dac-amp The TLDR; is: Shaped like a headphone stand 2x R2R Ladder DAC It's an EF400 with a different shape, 2 DAC chips, and more input More inputs than the EF400s USB, (RCA...
  4. camerarooster

    Finally got some answer here. Also ask for some advice for 2 channel set up

    Hi everyone here, greetings from Taiwan, a country famous for making chips in your iphone and audio machines. I've always had issue how to find real useful advice for audio set up, and after five years of reading advice from EXPERT, I've finally got here! In the beginning of my audio journey...
  5. T

    2.0 options - TV/music in small room - <$500 CAD

    Hi everyone, I want to create an audio setup for TV/Movies in my living room. The speakers are 6ft away from the couch and will be directly in front of a wall. For music listening, I need the sound to reach 10ft behind the speakers (dining room). I have a budget of $500 CAD. Source: Movies/TV...
  6. FujiwaraMokou

    Any measurements of Macbook M1 base model's DAC?

    We know Macbook since M1 Pro has way better DAC, but how about those that are released prior? Are they any better than some DAC AMP combos on the market?
  7. B00tySalads

    Bigger Impact For Upgrading PC Audio DAC or Amp or DAC/Amp?

    If one were to get a single product to improve the sound from a PC for listening on mid-range (B&O Portal/Audeze Penrose) headphones (mostly listening to Tidal, Youtube, gaming), what would provide the most noticeable improvement assuming you spent the same $? For example: Dongle DAC/Amp (E1DA...
  8. B00tySalads

    Trying to maximize PC Setup Upgrade for use with Def Tech Incline and Audeze Penrose

    Current setup: Dragonfly Black 1.0 -> Definitive Technology Incline Powered Speakers Please go easy on me, I worked at Best buy YEARS ago and utilized my discount for some AQ stuff, the Dragonfly seemed like a great product for my very basic needs. I am wanting to upgrade to another USB based...
  9. A

    Best value advice: DAC + amplifier or Integrated amplifier (RME ADI-2 DAC FS + Neurochrome modulus 286) Vs Rotel RA-1592MKII

    Hi guys, As the title indicates, I am wondering what is the best deal for me. I can buy the RME ADI-2 DAC FS + Neurochrome modulus 286 for about $4200 (CA) or I can buy the Rotel RA-1592MKII for about $3K. I have no idea how the RME DAC + Neurochrome amplifier will sound but I have listened to...
  10. Ziroz

    vibration/electric current/shock when touching audio device chassis

    I have used a Fiio K5pro as a usb dac for my pc and never had any issues, nothing funny when using and touching the device. After recently upgrading and moving the unit to my reading desk, I found there is quit a significant feeling of vibration/electric current/shock when touching the case, the...
  11. A

    DAC and Amp suggestions for flagship headphones?

    Greetings, I have recently purchased a Sony MDR-Z1R, the flagship Sony headphones. Now I am thinking, if my headphones are top tier and I can't upgrade any further, I can only upgrade my DAC/amps/source. My source will remain as Spotify premium (not Tidal, sorry I know). Leaving me with...
  12. N

    Fiio K5 Pro AKM version for sale. USA only, as new. $120 shipped free. Paypal only.

    Hey Guys, I purchased 2 Fiio K5 Pro's the AKM version. One for me and one for my son. He now purchased a USB headset for his PC, so no longer needs his Fiio. It's in 'as new condition', with box and all accessories. Working perfectly. I can ship immediately. See photo. DM me if you have...
  13. E

    DAC AMP stack for under 500EUR

    Hello everybody! I've just recently gotten into audio and I did so by purchasing a pair of DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm. At work I have to use IEMs because of headphone hair, there I use a pair of Moondrop Blessing 2 and Moondrop Aria. I carry a FiiO K3 (the new one) as my DAC and I use it for pretty much...
  14. vvs.angelo

    Objetive recommendations for DAC/Amp portable

    Budget: 150$ (sadly). Format: Portable (iOS, Android and Windows) Features to consider for my main earphone: Etymotic ER4SR Impedance: 43.9958 to 75.8971ohms (from 20.3hz to 16khz (frecuency response respectly)) Sensitivity: 98 db/mW...
  15. L

    Which DAC/AMP combo for my Focal Clear OG ?

    Hello, I am Lartyk and am new to the forum but also to audio I recently purchased a Focal Clear OG and now I would like to find a DAC and AMP set or an all-in-one DAC/AMP that would allow me to take full advantage of it without breaking the bank I'm currently running my headphones on the Cyrus...
  16. S

    Device choice for using passive speakers for TV

    Hi; I hope this post is in the right thread. I recently moved place and we have build in furniture which is not deep enough to hold my audio and video devices. I used to connect the TV and other devices to the AMP but now I have to look into a compact alternative to replace the AMP to be able...
  17. J

    Best dac amp for hd6xx + iem?

    Hi Everyone, This will be my first serious purchase and my current budget is around 1500 dollars(USD). I planned to buy the 6xx and will probably buy a good iem like the U12t in the future. Many mentioned that the RME-adi2 dac amp combo is unbeatable at its price point and has a dedicated 3.5mm...
  18. C

    Worth upgrading?

    Hey i own a Topping L30 and a Topping D10's i bought it around 3-4 months ago. Is it worth upgrading to the L30 and E30 II, if it is has an audible difference? I own a Hifiman Sundara and for iems 7hz timeless, and i have not planned on upgrading the headphones in a while.
  19. M

    Would DX3 Pro+ be a decent improvement over my 2021 MBP for my HD 6XX

    Hey there, total noob here! My main use case is music production with virtual instruments. I have seen the measurement threads but to be honest, I don't know what any of those stuff means. I need some guidance here. The HD6XX sounds decent when driven by my macbook but I feel like it falls a...
  20. C

    Best cheap DAC/Headphone Amp for classical music

    Hello everyone, Noob here. I would like to listen to good source material (high resolution FLACs, etc) on my AKG K612 Pro headphones. Music genre is wide range classical from rumbling low church organ to high pitch violin. It is important to me to get the sound as close as possible to master...
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