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  1. N

    Fiio K5 Pro AKM version for sale. USA only, as new. $120 shipped free. Paypal only.

    Hey Guys, I purchased 2 Fiio K5 Pro's the AKM version. One for me and one for my son. He now purchased a USB headset for his PC, so no longer needs his Fiio. It's in 'as new condition', with box and all accessories. Working perfectly. I can ship immediately. See photo. DM me if you have...
  2. E

    DAC AMP stack for under 500EUR

    Hello everybody! I've just recently gotten into audio and I did so by purchasing a pair of DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm. At work I have to use IEMs because of headphone hair, there I use a pair of Moondrop Blessing 2 and Moondrop Aria. I carry a FiiO K3 (the new one) as my DAC and I use it for pretty much...
  3. vvs.angelo

    Objetive recommendations for DAC/Amp portable

    Budget: 150$ (sadly). Format: Portable (iOS, Android and Windows) Features to consider for my main earphone: Etymotic ER4SR Impedance: 43.9958 to 75.8971ohms (from 20.3hz to 16khz (frecuency response respectly)) Sensitivity: 98 db/mW...
  4. L

    Which DAC/AMP combo for my Focal Clear OG ?

    Hello, I am Lartyk and am new to the forum but also to audio I recently purchased a Focal Clear OG and now I would like to find a DAC and AMP set or an all-in-one DAC/AMP that would allow me to take full advantage of it without breaking the bank I'm currently running my headphones on the Cyrus...
  5. S

    Device choice for using passive speakers for TV

    Hi; I hope this post is in the right thread. I recently moved place and we have build in furniture which is not deep enough to hold my audio and video devices. I used to connect the TV and other devices to the AMP but now I have to look into a compact alternative to replace the AMP to be able...
  6. J

    Best dac amp for hd6xx + iem?

    Hi Everyone, This will be my first serious purchase and my current budget is around 1500 dollars(USD). I planned to buy the 6xx and will probably buy a good iem like the U12t in the future. Many mentioned that the RME-adi2 dac amp combo is unbeatable at its price point and has a dedicated 3.5mm...
  7. C

    Worth upgrading?

    Hey i own a Topping L30 and a Topping D10's i bought it around 3-4 months ago. Is it worth upgrading to the L30 and E30 II, if it is has an audible difference? I own a Hifiman Sundara and for iems 7hz timeless, and i have not planned on upgrading the headphones in a while.
  8. M

    Would DX3 Pro+ be a decent improvement over my 2021 MBP for my HD 6XX

    Hey there, total noob here! My main use case is music production with virtual instruments. I have seen the measurement threads but to be honest, I don't know what any of those stuff means. I need some guidance here. The HD6XX sounds decent when driven by my macbook but I feel like it falls a...
  9. C

    Best cheap DAC/Headphone Amp for classical music

    Hello everyone, Noob here. I would like to listen to good source material (high resolution FLACs, etc) on my AKG K612 Pro headphones. Music genre is wide range classical from rumbling low church organ to high pitch violin. It is important to me to get the sound as close as possible to master...
  10. C

    FS: Sabaj D5 Firmware 1.6 Mint condition

    This baby. https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/sabaj-d5-owners-thread.9561/ Absolutely no problems in 2 years. I have all the box and all it came with. Mint Condition. PM with offers.
  11. Y

    Used Topping DX7s or New Topping EX5?

    Hi everyone! I need your help with selecting proper audio equipment. I can buy used DX7s for $265. Is it worth buying them now? I currently use Aune X1s 10th and need balanced outputs for active monitors (Kali Audio LP-6 v2) and a collection of headphones and IEMs. I'm also struggling between...
  12. vvs.angelo

    Best portable DAC/AMP for Etymotic ER4SR

    Hi, I have the ER4SR and I know that to move them to at least 80db SPL they require 0.05Vrms/0.06mW, which is not little due to the insertion they have, so what can be the best DAC (talking about signal processing) for these IEMS? Preferably IOS compatible
  13. K

    Why expensive integrated amplifiers better than Topping...?

    So... as you know Topping la90 came out and in my brain born new question why expensive amplifiers are expensive? For what people are paying so much???Why should I buy mark levinson digital amp for 200000 czk instead of topping combo for about 30000 czk?
  14. Boxermotor

    SMSL DA9 DAC/Amp Pairing

    Hi, new to ASR and appreciate the plethora of sound system information! I'm setting up a desktop sound system for my office and, after exploring different options, landed on testing out the Loxjie A30 all-in-one (headphone quality an issue, I know, but is passable) and the SMSL DA9. Since I...
  15. srkbear

    Yulong D11?

    I just saw that Yulong just released an upgrade to the DA10 called the DA11, now with ES9038pro instead of an AK4497, and 5 watts of power at 32 ohms instead of 3. It has a 3.5mm single-ended headphone output and both 4.4 pentaconn and XLR “fully balanced” options. They’re purporting a SNR of...
  16. C

    New to dac/amps

    Hey, I just bought a Hifiman Sundara. But I don't own any DAC/AMPS, I have got a lot of recommendations but I don't which ones are the best. My MOBO's amp is this SupremeFX S1220A codec, plus Texas Instruments® RC4580 and OPA1688 My max prise is $250 1. Ifi zen dac V2 2. Topping DX3 Pro+...
  17. H

    DAC pairing for Hegel H190 & ATC SCM 40

    I listen to a lot of music. Last year decided to splurge and purchased a Hegel h190 & ATC SCM 40. I am really enjoying the system. Lately, I have been thinking of maybe upgrading my system by adding an external DAC. I don't know how Hegel's internal DAC compares with the DACs out there. In...
  18. O

    Recommended DAC for AVR+nCore Amp with Subwoofer support?

    Hi, I'm currently using a Denon AVR X4400 - but trying to improve a bit on the stereo part. I looking into a boXem nCore stereo amp - but these only have one XLR input (which could be used hopefully also with the pre-out of the AVR. I like to use the AVR mainly for home cinema. Currently the...
  19. T

    [FS][EU] Topping DX3 Pro+

    For sale, the much acclaimed Topping DX3 Pro+ DAC/Amp in new condition. Price does not include shipping cost/payment fees.
  20. D

    Tube or solid-state headphone amp for a Fostex t20rp?

    For some context I am a bass head. With my new Fostex T20RP headphones I listen to (bass heavy) hiphop music and at times watch movies/play games on my PC. The DAC/Amp stack I have thought to drive these headphones is as follows: DAC: Behringer UMC22 AMP: Either Xudoo mt-602 (tube) or Douk...
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