1. Matias

    Amplifier SINAD list ASR + 3rd parties

    I wanted to compare amplifiers measured elsewhere to the ASR standard measurements: SINAD at 5W in 4 ohms, and power at 1% THD+N in 4 ohms. So I chose some amplifiers that interested me more (let me know if you wish I can add more), read their graphs, converted to SINAD, color coded and created...
  2. gowla

    How good is a $9 DAC? - Apple USB C Audio Dongle vs Geshelli Enog 2 (Video)

    Just a short video I made, have not made one in a while... but I wanted to share as thought some users here would be interested and enjoy the discussions. I try to split the video into objective performance and then my subjective thoughts. Assume the poll question is for good performing dacs...
  3. pma

    DAC vs. CD player shootout (measurements)

    CD player vs. DAC shootout I was curious to compare parameters of the nicely built CD player Vincent CD-S3 (2004) vs. a good but not the newest DAC, Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus (2012). Cambridge DacMagic Plus was already tested here. Vincent CD-S3 is a player with HDCD decoding option and has...
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