1. M

    I'm looking for something to hold the IEM around my head so it doesn't tug on my ears.

    I'm experiencing discomfort with my IEM (In-Ear Monitor) cables pulling on my ears. I'm looking for a solution to keep the cables securely in place around my head, preventing them from tugging on my ears during use.
  2. S

    Making thick RCA cables

    Hi everyone, I made some RCA cables using some especially thick wire I bought off amazon but after using it to connect my pc to my stereo I can hear a loud hum, louder than any music I'm trying to play that sounds like a low feedback. Does anyone know why this might be happening? My best guess...
  3. LIΟN

    Do you invest money in IEM cables for Design and comfort?

    I've been uncomfortable with some of the default cables and am on an adventure to find one that has the color,design and softness I want. (It's not about the sound) However, I don't see many users on ASR using cables made by Aliexpress. What about you? I used to use these plain...
  4. Mantra

    looking for a good cheap external battery bluetooth low latency receiver for my cable headphones

    Hi i'm using my headphones via cable ,and i like it a lot but sometime i'm using my phone to listen music , and i would like to listen music with a tiny bluetooth low latency receiver just to use with my sennheiser / grado and so on headphones , i have found Mpow receiver Bluetooth ,very cheap...
  5. S

    Soldering Headphone Cable with Mogami 2893 and 3Pin Mini XLR and 1/4 Jack

    I am planning to build my first own headphone cable for my modded DT770pro with 3Pin mini XLR connector and need help with soldering. I bougth the following components for it: Cable)Mogami 2893 Microphone cable, Neglex Quad Miniatur, 4.8mm (Mini XLR Adapter 3 Pin) Rean RT3FC-B (1/4 Jack)...
  6. aaronsarkissian

    Help me with my first setup

    Hi, I'm new to the Hi-Fi and audiophile world and want to setup a new home system. My room size is about 25 Sqm (270 sqft). I don't have room for a Surround system so I decided to go for a decent stereo setup and maybe add subwoofer later if needed. So here are the products I chose: Speakers...
  7. K

    [FS][EU] Mogami RCA pair cable 5m

    2534 Quad Stereo Pair (L,R) Audio Cable | Neutrik Gold RCA | 5.0 m Bought on April 2022 Excellent condition 50euros with shipping to most* european countries *pm for details
  8. S

    Moondrop Variation need to replace Cable or adapter

    So, my moon drop 3.5 connector was broken i could use 2.5 or 4.4 but since my DAC only have 3.5, my option is - buy the 3.5 to 2.5 adapter, which is i dont know the consequences - buy new cable need advise on this, and some recommendation
  9. mmuetst

    Asymmetrical Double-Balanced Geometry

    On a Dutch forum someone had bought an AudioQuest cable and combined it with his record player. The result was a 50Hz hum. after advice to connect a cheap standard cable, the hum was gone. We are talking about the Golden Gate AudioQuest cable...
  10. Thunder

    Which balanced cable do I need to connect a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to a pair of KRK Rokit RP5 G4?

    The interface has two 1/4 inch output lines, one for each speaker and the KRKs have one XLR female and 1/4 inch combined input each one. Would this be good? It's a XLR Male to 1/4 inch TRS balanced cable...
  11. PaperBoat

    How to convert a XLR - TRS cable to RCA - TRS cable?

    How can I convert this ↓ TO THIS ↓ I have them ↓ and necessary soldering equipments...
  12. momonone

    Mogami usb cable?

    Hi all, want to ask which of the Mogami cable best for usb cable (DAC)?
  13. R

    Has anyone tried to differentiate between a chain of audio devices (and files) which are perceptibly indistinguishable from each other individually?

    I wanted to know whether or not a blind test has been conducted to determine whether imperceptible differences observed in individual components become perceptible when added together. I have heard of this idea before (I think) and wanted to know of any study (amateur or professional) that took...
  14. SimpleTheater

    $1 Million Cable Challenge

    After James Randi passed away a few years ago, the idea of a $1 million cable challenge vanished with him. Until now! In what can only be surmised as amazing showmanship, Dr. Tist of First Run Copper cables has decided to bring the challenge back, but with a twist. Instead of challenging the...
  15. N

    HD660S balanced cable problem

    I have hd660s and have been using it with the unbalanced cable with the fiio q1 mk2 . decided to try balanced so I bought theses two adapters
  16. J

    Looking for advice on a headphone cable carrying microphone signal.

    I am looking to find some bare cable (no attached connectors) to repair my Audio Technica ATH-G1. What I am having trouble with is finding a 4-5 conductor cable that is close to 4mm and has a silicone outer insulation. From my understanding even though the current cable has 6 conductors (5 that...
  17. L

    How to argue with people who believes "Digital Cable" make different? [sorry]

    TLDR; Please provide the link/studies/blind test/double blind test/ that digital cable makes no different (or if it makes different?) Sorry I need to start this kind of thread, I don't normally argue "directly" with people who believe digital cable makes different because there's no point to do...
  18. M

    recommendation for cable stock

    I need recommendation for 4-conductor cable Application: a very short (2') cable to run balanced to a clip on BT amp. Electrical: 1) 4-conductor, termination will be 2.5mm trrs for AK pinout Materials: 1) want to use this un-sleeved 2) probably don't need fancy silver plating, etc. its...
  19. dpippel

    FS: Corpse Cable GRAVEDIGGER for Sennheiser HD650/HD600/HD660S/HD6XX - 4ft XLR Terminated

    Just purchased this and discovered after it came in that it's just a bit too short for my application. BRAND NEW: Custom GR∀EDIGGER Cable for Sennheiser HD650 / HD600 / HD660S / HD6XX Headphones - 4ft / 1.2m / 4-Pin Male XLR - Neutrik XX Series - Gold Contacts × 1 - $165 New. Same as this...
  20. G

    Tarun's take on the most controversial subject in audio!

    Best hifi cable explanation I've seen. Finely a comprehensive and sane view on cables. This is definetly worth watching regardless of where you stand on this subject.
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