1. M

    Looking for BT/ANC over ear with 'hardware EQ'

    Hello there! This is my first post in this forum. I am growing out of my Fostex T50RP mk ii and out of wired headphones altotogether. I am looking for versatile (codec and connectivty wise) BT over ear headphones with solid build quality that will last me some years, which sadly disqualifies...
  2. PaperBoat

    PowerAmp Android music player app

    Does Poweramp completely bypass native Android audio processing with its "Hi-Res Output" when streaming via Bluetooth?
  3. PaperBoat

    Fiio BTA30 Pro

    I'm looking for a good Bluetooth receiver and I see the Fiio BTA30 Pro is probably a good choice. But I'm seeking clarification on the volume control method of the Fiio BTA30 Pro so I reached out to Fiio support and asked about the volume control method. The Fiio site tells that "the BTA30 Pro...
  4. T

    Looking for a streamer to play local flac files via foobar2000 + CD transport + bluetooth. Asking too much?

    Hello everyone, First post here (please MODs move my thread elsewhere if chosen section not appropriate) So I'm trying to reorganise my hi-fi listening setup around the sources we most often use around the house. Like for many people, my old setup can play CDs and records but it's blind to the...
  5. F

    Looking for am amp up to about £150/$. Sabaj, SMSL & Loxjie look promosing.

    So from reading around the SMSL A100 seems a good bet but have come across a lot of other options but could not find full reviews of them here so wondered if the A100 was what people recommend. I will be using them with Q Acoustic 3020i speakers. A lot of the time I will be using a computer to...
  6. S

    Multiple input Bluetooth mixer, headphone amplifier, microphone amplifier, USB, iphone, Android, computer.

    Not sure what is the best category to post this query. I have a Samsung Android phone, iPhone and laptop. I would like a mixer unit which could connect with all three units simultaneously via Bluetooth or wired connection for processing at least audio output from the three units, but...
  7. R

    Inexpensive DAC only recommendation (with remote-controllable volume and bluetooth)

    Hi. I'm currently using a Fiio E10 as a DAC as my sole source to my power amp. I stream music from my Chromebook or Mac via USB to the DAC. I would like to cut the cord and use bluetooth instead of the USB. It would also be extremely convenient to have a remote where I could control volume...
  8. P

    $1,000 audio system with Headphones( Edition XS, Ananda, & Aeons) with DAC/Amp (A50/D50, DX7 pro, SU 8 & SH8)

    I am split between getting an Hifiman Edition XS, Ananda, and Dan Clark Aeon Open or Closed headphones. I am not sure. I am more leaning to the Ananda since they're not far off in price and questioning if it's worth the extra money. For the DAC/AMP combo I am stuck between the A50/D50, DX7...
  9. juliangst

    How lossy is bluetooth transmission?

    Just a quick question about Bluetooth on iOS: If I play lossy music with Spotify or Apple music and use a bluetooth DAC AMP, which on iOS only supports the AAC codec, will I get the same signal as with a wired connection? Lossy music on Apple Music is AAC 256 kbit/s and the AAC bluetooth codec...
  10. M

    Bluecore CSR 8615 QFN audio design assistance

    Hello Audio Science Review forum users. I am looking for someone I can hire as an audio consultant to assist our team with our BlueCore CSR 8615 QFN set up. We have built a new microphone for our novel application and require audio circuit and related Universal Parameters firmware programming...
  11. C

    Yamaha hs5 with Bluetooth bridge

    Looking for some advice please! I have a Yamaha hs5 studio monitor. I don’t use it for production or anything just wanted a speaker with good sound quality. Currently connect with an aux but looking to get a Bluetooth bridge so I no longer have to use the cable. This is more for convenience...
  12. M

    bluetooth 5.0 (AptX-HD+LDAC) transport with coax+toslink ($30 on aliexpress)

    I was looking for a BT 5.0 receiver that could feed a signal over coax. This implementation of the Qualcomm CSR8675 seems to fit the bill. Note this does not include a DAC.
  13. R

    Wireless listening and watching TV

    This is more a setup question than anything else. I am sure there are folks in a similar situation and how they solved it? I am currently listening to music shows on TV, late at night on Bluetooth headphones, 15 feet away. I do not mind having a mini setup on a coffee table next to me but wiring...
  14. N

    Bluetooth receiver with USB out

    Is there such as thing as a Bluetooth receiver USB dongle that receives a Bluetooth audio transmission and emits it into a USB connection? It would be the opposite of an Avantree DG80, which receives a signal from a USB socket, and transmits it via Bluetooth. I've looked hard, and can't find...
  15. linkert

    Bluetooth microphone as an addition to wireless headphones?

    Here's the situation. I want to do my job while listening to music through my HE-4XX. I like how convenient the music fades out when the phone rings and then resumes when the call is done. So I want a bluetooth microphone to make this work for me properly. Anyone else use a combination of wired...
  16. X

    qcc3008 Module - Noise issues

    So after a week of playing with the QCC china Modules i see they are varied in what they give you in functionality and issues The most annoying thing being noise issues with the new stuff and any amp that goes near the circuit The CSR8645 with the built in amp on the PCB you get no or...
  17. B

    Bluetooth compression? DAC?

    If I am going to stream a song over Bluetooth is a DAC going to make sense? I assume the DAC should be after the Bt transfer...
  18. N

    device that receives USB and Bluetooth signal at the same time

    I'm searching for a device with following specs: inputs: -USB or TOSLINK: I prefer TOSLINK, because there would be no EMI. USB is also okay, as long as the device filters those noises. I had USB EMI issues with Sanskrit 10th MK2, but with M500 USB I had no issues anymore. -Bluetooth: It should...
  19. voodooless

    Objective tests of Bluetooth EMI's?

    Hey Guys, So my wife would like a some Bluetooth EMI's. Now due to popularity there are quite a few out there obviously, however there is a distinct lack of objective reviews and test on these things. All I see is a bunch of parroting and pandering main stream bullshit sites spewing predictable...
  20. N

    Alternative for Emotiva BTM-1 (USB Bluetooth adapter)

    Hello, I'm looking an alternative for the BTM-1 to Emotiva TA-100. I found 1Mii B10 and Avantree DG60, but I'm not sure if these adapters can be used on this Amp. I'd like to know if it is possible to connect to them by phone to stream music? (supposedly they are only transmitters). I am...
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