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The psychology of it all.

Tim Link

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Apr 10, 2020
Eugene, OR
Don't think it is specific a matter of psychology only.
I got some months ago sort of tinitus. Didn't hear that clear any more specific imaging & staging. The fun of listening to high end audio was diminished considerably. I learnd that ear conditions could spoil a lot an because of that from an physical point of view people could hear different than me so that influence their perception an choices for instance using more or less EQ.
Luckly enough my Docter told me most of his patiënt will heal some soon or it takes some months. I got from my Docter Fluticason. For me it is now considerbly less such i almost don't hear it anymore.Took me 5 months to get my previous hearing more or less back including the imaging staging an fun.
Wow, that's quite an experience. Glad to know you got over it. I've experienced some temporary tonal effects that were very strange. I would perceive a different pitch in each ear in the bass range, below 100hz. One ear was dominant, so the notes still sounded in tune when listening with both ears, but the combined effect came across perceptually as distortion, which I was trying desperately to exorcise from my system. Apparently it's normal for that to happen occasionally, but can mean something serious if it persists.


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Mar 23, 2021
33.58 -117.88
Has it really been resolved down to a single-number-speaker-shopping?;)
I could imagine the conversation between a speaker-salesman [?] and the BestBuy shopper:
How can I help you?
Yes, I want a pair of 42s.
Please swipe here. Your package should get to your home before you do. Thank you for shopping at BB.
Even @SIY (who contends "I hate everyone.") will love such a shopping experience.:D

Ron Texas

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Jun 10, 2018
Right now 42 looks better than the alternatives. Of course, there's always that fruit company which is now pushing $3,500 goggles.
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