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SOLD: Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy


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Feb 18, 2021
Buyer pays PP fees or no fees with Friends & Family.I am thinning my collection. All of my speakers in my household are Philharmonic Audio and this is a pair that I would like to offer as it is no longer available from Philharmornic Audio, it is a very rare one Affordable Accuracy Plus with Morel MDT32S Silk tweeter (not the cheaper Parts Express ones) Dennis Murphy made small batch of these speakers for a very short run and quickly had to stop as it made no financial sense - Morel tweeters were way too expensive. Do a search what Amir has to say about Dennis's speakers, they are outstanding and easily beat $1000+ speakers (yes, I think they compete with Fritz Carbon 7). They are ruler-flat, no snake oil just objective measurements see the measurements from Dennis.

I am saving for a pair of Dennis's floorstanders thus this pair is for sale. My price is more than reasonable, these speaker punch way way above their weight with incredibly smooth silky highs and really deep lows, I did not even bothered with a sub.

Grills are included. I will ship in a box with highly re-enforced corners and extra padding.
About these speakers:
Although cost increases have forced us to discontinue the highly popular Affordable Accuracy Monitor, we are pleased to offer an upgraded replacement that features a premium silk dome tweeter from Morel of France. The new tweeter looks identical to the Parts Express unit in the previous AA monitor, but it uses higher quality parts and provides a substantially smoother response and much tighter quality control. You can see details about the Morel tweeter here. The robust silk dome tweeter is crossed at a very low 1900 Hz, which provides exceptionally broad dispersion and maximizes detail in the lower treble and upper midrange. Seamless integration between the tweeter and woofer is assured by a complex 12-element crossover.

The new Plus AA monitor retains the excellent Parts Express 6.5" woofer. We are not aware of any woofer near its price that can provide such deep bass response. Although we have specified the bass reach very conservatively at a -3 dB point of 48 Hz, the monitors will in fact produce very audible output at 34 Hz. You can test that for yourself with a demo CD that we include with every pair of monitors. The result is a firm bass foundation and very high power handling on music material without the cost and complexity of a subwoofer.


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