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Help choosing right integrated amplifier for Snell Type C/V

The noise is coming from the amp itself, to be more specific from the power transformer.
It is audible from 2 meters, is in low freq. When the music is playing is not audible, but in silence moments it is. It is not very loud, but if it wasn't there it would be better.
It does not appear immediately when turned on, but after some minutes.

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@Count Arthur how can you determine how much amps is needed? You think Audiolab is not enough?

When I listened to it from the guy who sold it to me, even if I put my ear close I don't remember hearing any sound. He used a Yamamura cable and Yamamura power strip.
Aha. In addition to the tips you received in the thread, I can mention that I had exactly the same problem with an old amp. To solve it, I cut out pieces from a rubber sheet and put them between the transformer and the chassis. This to reduce the vibrations and thus remove or reduce trafo sound/hum/noise to be heard. Plus I also screwed the transformer properly. That solved the problem for me. Now I basically have to put my ear to the amp to hear the trafo hum.:D
BUT I've tried the same on an old NAD 3020 a few years ago and it didn't help one bit, :oops: ,so no guarantees if you try it yourself.

Here are pictures of that operation:
IMG_20230729_131349.jpgIMG_20230729_112543 (2).jpgIMG_20230729_112536 (1).jpgIMG_20230729_112531 (2).jpg

The easiest thing is to just get used to that humming sound. After all, as you say, it is tolerable for you. If you don't feel like testing a DC blocker, tighten the transformer properly (perhaps with said rubber cloth pieces).

I don't understand why a DC filter on tube amp would be bad? Someone else will have to answer that.
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