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2.1 Setup - Dirac Integration & MiniDSP SHD Options


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Feb 13, 2024
Hi... I have the following setup ordered:

BlueSound Node (digital out) --> E50 DAC --> AUDIOPHONICS AP300-S250NC

I want to add Dirac Live and allow for the addition of a sub in the future (with HP/LP filtering).
I have the following thoughts based on my research and helpful feedback:
- MiniDSP DDRC-24 - Cheapest solution, but ties me to the inbuilt DAC
- MiniDSP SHD Studio - Digital only. This means another external DAC for a future sub but gives me the flexibility to change DACs as I might like. I presume this solution is technically fine...?
- MiniDSP SHD (full version) - Digital and analogue out. This gives maximum flexibility, but doesn't appear to give me anything above the SHD Studio (digital) if I will likely just buy a second external DAC and use the digital outputs anyway? Am I missing something?

I apologise for all the questions. I guess I'm just looking for confirmation (or otherwise) that I am seeing this all correctly and not missing something silly.
here my set up:
tv -> (Optic) MiniDSP SHD Studio (Coax) -> Topping E70V -> (XLR) BOXEM A 5517/N2 -> Kef LS50 Meta
(Coax) -> Khadass Tone -> T-rel Mini Mk3

I got the MiniDSP SHD studio in second hand and its coworking with the external DACs is just clean and great.
If you want keep the E50 DAC it would a option to consider.
This tread may interest you and by searching ARC Studio on YouTube many other DSP options are revealed
Why not a MiniDSP Flex Digital? Its cheaper than a SHD, and you could still use the Node as streamer and the E50 as DAC.

Bluenode -> MiniDSP Flex Digital -> E50 -> AP300.
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