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Dirac Problem - No Noise Ouput in 1 Channel


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Dec 14, 2023
Hi all

I am a new owner of a SHD Studio. It has been frustrating trying to get the Dirac Live calibration to work.

My SHD Studio is connected to my DAC via AES/EBU. A Windows 11 laptop is in turn connected to the SHD Studio via USB.

At the Dirac Live volume calibration page, I am able to hear the pink noise for Dirac 1 (left channel) and adjust the gain accordingly.

However, for Dirac 2 (right channel), the pink noise plays only for 1 second. Thereafter, although the circle around the "play" triangle continues to move, there is no pink noise being output through my right speaker (or any speaker for the matter).

Ignoring this results in a low signal to noise ratio error after calibration.

If it helps, I have no issues hearing music through both channels when VLC/MusicBee is playing music through the SHD Studio.

I would be most grateful for advice. Thank you!


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    Dirac Volume Calibration.png
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Deleted member 48726

Why would the calibration result in a low snr? The sweep tones play well enough, or?
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