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Schiit Skoll Phono Preamp Review?

Jul 20, 2020
Hey everyone, just got spammed by my favorite Schitt company about a new phono preamp named Skoll. I've been waiting for something like this to come out as their original Mani is a device I've been using for years and was one of my first purchases from the company. However, I recently migrated to the Cambridge Audio Solo since the Duo, although highly recommended after the reviews here on this site, simply just got a good price on the Solo, so I went that way for now. Then this Skull came out and I'm like, huh, maybe, thinking, but I never by any Schiit related products these days unless our founding member, whom has almost godlike powers in rating manmade devices....Arim, either says yay or neh...

Any chance someone bought this and is sending to Amir now for rating? Or better yet has Schiit sent over the device to Amir as they usually do to get him to review? I'm really wondering if I need to drop everything and upgrade/migrate or simply pass on this rather intriguing device.

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