1. N

    Help! Amp humming!

    Hello, I’ve spent days roaming the internet for a solution, so I really hope you can help! I have an Harmon/Kardon HK3270 RDS and an old BSR turntable. When I just plug in my turntable to the amp, it sounds awesome. BUT my turntable is 15 feet away from my amp, so I have to use a 15 ft RCA...
  2. JP

    Turntable Wow and Flutter "Polar" Plot Script

    This script creates polar plots from wow and flutter test tracks. I'll provide more background information on it later. The current "released" code is below. Python installation instructions are in this thread.
  3. Sheepadoodling

    Schiit Skoll Phono Preamp Review?

    Hey everyone, just got spammed by my favorite Schitt company about a new phono preamp named Skoll. I've been waiting for something like this to come out as their original Mani is a device I've been using for years and was one of my first purchases from the company. However, I recently migrated...
  4. Greg_gal

    Rothwell Simplex Phono preamp

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone heard the Rothwell Simplex? There’s not too much information out there but it looks good to me for under £300. I’m also considering the Mofi Studiophono which seems highly regarded and is the same price. Then there is a lot of buzz about the Schiit Mani 2 but I wonder if...
  5. P

    NAD PP2 Phono Preamplifier Measurement/Review

    These are some measurements I have taken with the NAD PP2 Phono Preamplifier. I have bought it 11-12 years back. It is still being sold online for 70€-150€. I cannot remember how much I have paid. I was never really happy with the sound of it, so I felt the urge to see how it measures. The...
  6. Biblob

    First turntable - any suggestions?

    Hi all, since a short while I've started to collect some vinyls because I'd like to display the albumcovers in my living room. And I would like to listen to them occasionally but own no equipment yet. I have no knowledge of turntables, cartridges and phono pre-amps! So any advice to steer me in...
  7. pma

    Openamp MM phono preamplifier

    This is a review and measurements of my Openamp phono preamplifier. The project was released in 2012 as an open project. Openamp is a preamplifer for MM phono cartridge. It uses operational amplifiers, a monolithic buffer and a feedback RIAA correction. DC...
  8. O

    Ask help about Pro-Ject Phono box DS2 usb

    hello eveyone,I am a novice. I recently encountered a problem. I use a Pro-JECT Phono DS2 usb to rip the record and want to import the phone. and the volume is particularly small, the computer driver can display the device, but it feels like it does not provide a magnifying signal without Phono...
  9. ripmixburn

    Comparing ART phono preamps?

    Hi gang, I went to the hassle of making a table that contains the specifications for ART’s various phono preamps. I currently have a Rega Fono Mini A2D with a dead USB port and am looking to replace it. Seeing as these are all under $100 and the DJPRE II did well here, I'm wondering how these...
  10. S

    SOLD!!!:Muffsy CNC Phono PP-4 Preamp Kit incl. Power Supply and Case never used: SOLD!!!

    This kit is permanently sold out at Muffsy, one of the best phono stages preamps that I have heard in the past 10 year and Audiokarma folks agree, this phono stage is phenomenal. I have paid $220 for it but selling this second kit that I bought, I already have one working in my system. I will...
  11. S

    FS: Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2 Preamplifier

    Unit is in perfect working order, also aesthetically in excellent condition. Price: $800 Shipping: US + Canada Contact me with any questions or concerns
  12. R

    Headroom in phono preamps

    Hello I am new here. I am looking into buying a new phono preamp in the sub 200E category. I read a lot about all the important technical considerations and I am quite annoyed that companies specify their products with different metrics (I noticed that gain can be specified in at least three...
  13. DonH56

    Shure Out of the Cartridge Business

    I missed this, sorry if it has already been posted -- I was looking for something else and ran across this article:
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