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  1. Breezy

    Seeking recommendation for budget turntable stages through speakers (for Fluance RT82)

    I am setting up a relatively easy-to-use budget-friendly record player arrangement for my stepfather, who has shelves of old records. Finally got a Fluance RT82 but debating what to do after that. Seems like my paths diverge to - phono preamp + powered speakers - phono preamp + amp + passive...
  2. depo196

    eRIAA phono preamp

    Let me inrtodce transformer free Phonograph Preamplifier for MM and MC cartridges based on the most modern component and design. Just admire please 6 main advantages: 1. Constant loop gain for no THD both @ LF and HF, 2. No coupling capacitors at all, MC-like sound with MM cartridge thanks to...
  3. T

    I need advice on choosing a phono preamp.

    I have never used a vinyl playback system before, and I just purchased my first turntable. I would like to hear everyone's advice on selecting a phono preamp. Here is my budget phono preamp shortlist: 1、hegel V10 US $1300 2、Teac PE-505 US $1080 3、Schiit Skoll US $399 Here is my current...
  4. Sheepadoodling

    Schiit Skoll Phono Preamp Review?

    Hey everyone, just got spammed by my favorite Schitt company about a new phono preamp named Skoll. I've been waiting for something like this to come out as their original Mani is a device I've been using for years and was one of my first purchases from the company. However, I recently migrated...
  5. andrewskaterrr

    Muffsy Phono Preamp PP-4 question/help

    Im here to discuss two different topics. 1. I’m hoping that we can have some measurements taken of the Muffsy PP-4. 2. I’m having an issue where mine started popping and making noise, I believe only in the Left channel. It worked for about 2 years without issue, then started doing this after...
  6. Y

    Amazon Phono Preamp

    I purchased this Fasizi Record Player MM Phono Pre-amplifier and what I got was this My wishes were to have a preamp powered by USB so that I didn't have to use a 12V mains adapter, and I didn't particularly want anything superfluous like a headphone output etc. Wasn't the cheapest as I was...
  7. E

    Phono preamps quality and how to judge

    I posted this on the Rega Fono MM Mk3 review thread as well.. I'm considering the Rega Fono MM Mk 5. This line seems to get a lot of recognition and awards, but doesn't necessarily "rate" well here. I'm wondering what parameters make a "good" phono pre-amp besides just the SINAD? Is it the...
  8. dougi

    QUAD Artera PRE partial measurements/spec conformation

    Today I'll present mainly a summary of partial measurements of my QUAD Artera PRE analog preamp. The manual is finally available online and you can find it here. Like the rest of the Atera series, it is quite a looker in a clean kind of way: The back shows it has three sorts of outputs...
  9. Y

    Replace “Connect it E” cable from Project with something longer

    I recently picked up the DC Carbon Esprit turntable made by Pro-ject Audio systems from Sonos. This turntable has a phono line / preamp switch. Link here - The device comes with a RCA cable referred to as the...
  10. pma

    Openamp MM phono preamplifier

    This is a review and measurements of my Openamp phono preamplifier. The project was released in 2012 as an open project. Openamp is a preamplifer for MM phono cartridge. It uses operational amplifiers, a monolithic buffer and a feedback RIAA correction. DC...
  11. J

    From another site: Audio-Technica AT-PEQ30 Phono Preamplifier Measurements
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