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Sales ethics: Here you get the nice, genuinely warm sound


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Oct 10, 2020
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That kind of sentence: Here you get the nice, genuinely warm sound is something you can read in every other ad selling vintage receivers or amplifiers. In addition, the older the more it is emphasized that the stuff produces that type of sound. Note. It's a hypothesis on my part, so I have no evidence for that, but I think I see a trend in that direction. Anyway you have probably seen these types of ads.

If you thought or knew that you would get more money for the vintage HiFi you sold if you sprinkle words in the sale ad like: the real cozy warm, tube-like sound and so on would you write it? Would you do it even if you don't believe in it? You don't believe it but you know it sells. Does it go against your sales ethics? Is it a white lie? You don't believe it but the buyer is fooling himself ( imagination is strong) so it's not your problem, is it? The buyer is also satisfied and happy, so it must be seen as something well done then, right?

If you don't want to take a position on how you would do, write, if you were advertising vintage HiFi, then you can comment in general about what you think of subjective statements found in sales ads (old or new HiFi, it doesn't matter). Not that someone writes that they think that, for example, the speakers they sell sound good but extreme claims.
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