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PS Audio PowerPlant P12 Amplifier Tests (Video)


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Oct 3, 2021
And the aspect it inadvertently may have helped should have been fixed by proper troubleshooting and typically something simple like plug all devices into the same power distribution branch circuit in your house or a DI box etc... $6,000 to solve an "off label" problem is just ridiculous. I say "off label" because we all know they advertise it's major function as "cleaning" your power. People picture in their minds it's a filter that takes something polluted and filters the pollutant out and you're left with something clean that can be consumed. In this case it "cleans" the electricity so the music is "purer". I can completely understand how this sounds legit from a layman's pov, but from someone that understands how electronics function the notion is obviously ridiculous. Now add in golden ear consumers that can "critically listen" that say they can hear a difference for the better and that "confirms" the propaganda in the advertising and the result is us arguing over it on the internet. :facepalm:

The problem with critically listening is you're imagination runs unchecked. You may hear something you literally just didn't notice before because you were focusing in on say the drums the last time you heard that same moment in the recording but now you're listening to and focusing in on the piano. Something........actually literally anything can pop into your perception at any given time but doesn't mean it wasn't there before or it also doesn't even mean it's there at all. High quality calibrated test equipment is the only way to accurately and repeatably collect data to analyze and make a discovery.

I am probably the last person to need a power conditioner as traditionally my gear has had outboard power supplies.
And I am also close to the last person that would use one.

My main point was that the DC offset could have been measured, as it is an area where it could be perceived in reduction of transformer hum.


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Apr 18, 2022
My main point was that the DC offset could have been measured, as it is an area where it could be perceived in reduction of transformer hum.

Yes easily measured and as you mentioned the transformer buzz will be reduced if there is one. I have seen transformers saturate and not buzz so it's not always a great way to tell if a transformer is struggling, heat might be a better way of doing it.

His main problem to me didn't sound like DC but more like some type of appliance or device that is polluting his power and effecting his audio system. I get asked a lot by people to help them with these issues ( I need to start charging a fee) and typically the worst case scenario is I suggest something to solve the problem that may be a tops of $500 but for most AV system $300 is more than enough to find something that works like this:

It does everything the P12 does and more, you actually will have 10 minutes if you lose power to properly power down your equipment which I really like.

I'm with you, I do not have anything myself but we do often lose power and have been on the fence about getting one just for the fact of keeping my PC and other equipment from dealing with flickers, several on/off cycles before actually losing power, those can do major damage to things. I do have a whole house surge protector that looks like a two pole breaker and protects both buses in your power distribution panel so hopefully the on/off cycles that may cause inductive spikes are being clamped off and my house is protected from damaging surges. I still would prefer to power down everything properly when losing power. Other than that I have analyzed my power and it's less than 2% THD and no noise but I live in a rural area, someone in a city or near an industrial park may have a lot more pollution, especially if they are using variable frequency drive motors.
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