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Processor Thoughts


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May 3, 2020
I was initially surprised to see Arcam and Emotiva do so poorly in Amir's tests. Yes, discouraging in general how poor the processor market has manifested itself. If I were rich, I would likely go with Storm Audio. I would like to see reviews of other makes such as AudioControl, Theta Casablanca, and Rotel. I recently picked up Rotel's top of the line processor as I found a deal for a demo unit. They are normally $3700. So far, I only have it hooked up in stereo, but I like it, both in terms of sound and functionality. I wish the Rotel had XLR ins/outs. Other than that, it has all the features that I need, including 4K switching. A used AudioControl came on the market and I was tempted but I don't know enough about them. Feature wise, it would have had everything my Rotel has and also XLR. I welcome any and all processor opinions, particularly with respect to AudioControl, Theta, and Rotel, or others that should be under consideration. I have ruled out Arcam, Emotiva, and JBL because of the reveiws here in ASR. For now, I will likely stick with this Rotel, as Theta or AudioControl are pricey, especially if new. A new Casablanca V costs more than Storm Audio, but perhaps a Casablanca lower in the food chain could do 4k switching and could be picked up used.


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May 10, 2020
The AudioControl units are Arcam based just like the JBL SDP's. However, I will vouch for the JBL. The SDP-55 tested here, was an early production run with hardware and software issues. The issues are now, mostly, resolved. I have had one running for a year with out issues, at least none that are audible, and the software has been stable.
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