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OFF: Fritz Carbon 7 Towers Floorstanding Speakers


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Feb 18, 2021
Price $575

Fritz Carbon 7 Towers (Floorstanding speakers)
These are very rare since Fritz no longer builds floor-standing speakers, he exclusively builds monitors these days.

Smoke free, pet free, child free home. I am the second owner, I bought these towers from an original owner and at the same time Carbon 7SE MK2 became available on the secondary market, so I got them too. My living room is tiny and towers overpower my room, wife does not approve towers.

These are extremely solid heavy sturdy speakers, the baffles are 1.5 inches thick.

They are in very good overall condition with minor imperfections visible in the photos. They sound fantastic. Please review the photos or let me know if you need more photos and videos. Fronts of both speakers are in excellent condition. If you're looking for near mint veneer, this may not suit you, but if you can handle the minor blemishes and focus on Fritz famous Carbon 7 silky smooth sound, these are a massive bargain.

Fritz voiced them to sound like the multi-award smoothly musical Carbon 7 monitors but with superior bass extension. They dig so deep that subwoofer may not be needed. I owned all generations of Fritz Carbon 7 monitors and Fritz implementation of series crossover is for real, they are easy load on an amplifier (being tube, solid state, class D).

I placed them on Herbie's dots when listening.

Local pickup or meet up. We share time between Asheville, NC area and Raleigh, NC. We can meet in those two locations or somewhere in between. If you are open to pay for professional packaging and shipment, I am happy to help ship them.


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