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FS/US: Skylan SP-24 24" Speaker Stands (w/ glider feet and spike feet) large 7.5" x 12" Top Plate


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Feb 18, 2021

Skylan SP-24 24" Speaker Stands (w/ glider feet and spike feet) large 7.5" x 12" Top Plate​

Price is $195 shipped in cont. US with PayPal F&F or please add 3.5% if PP Goods. Skylan SP-24 Stands 24" tall, used but in good condition. Located near Asheville, NC.
Top plate is 7.5" x 12" which is perfect for big bookshelf speakers too, it also has famous Skylan decoupling dots integrated into the top plate.

Everything about these speakers are proven by years of research and reviews are pointing to them being one of the top options. I heard many speaker stands including famous Targets, Parts Express, Lowan, Atakamas. Skylan did the best with the speakers that I preferred. Especially great synergy with Fritz Carbon 7 SE MK2 that I had to fire-sell due to unforeseen financial situation. Carbons sold and I no longer have use for these great stands.

They come with glider feet and with spike feet. Stands are used and have some scratches, small dings and one corner has a bit of split but nothing major or that will impact the performance in any way. You can see from the pictures that they none of these things are visible in normal use.

I will ship them disassembled the same way Skylan shipped them.


Two speakers stands SP-24
Set of 8 Glider feet
Set of 8 Spikes feet


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