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Need help identifying old interconnects

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I don't care about that nonsense, since the standard connectors are BNC like this link:

Technically, connectors are not even necessary for audio cables, but you don't seem to care about research :rolleyes:

By the way, I don't recall that you mentioned anywhere what is broken in the cable. Determine continuity of conductors as pointed out on the very first page. But I have really lost patience with this thread.
Yet you remain here, with lil ole me. The bestest of friends talkin about cable connectors lol. ;)

Paragraph 2:

“When I had the cables I took off the ends and scraped a bit of the mangled ends on the grey conductor and under the coating was indeed copper. I assume it’s tin, anyway. Should also mention that both conductors were twisted together in all 4 ends for center pin soldering.”

Which is to say, all 4 soldered connections were ripped out of the center pins where they were soldered.
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Just wondering if the coating on one of the conductors is just a "color coding" instead of having different plastic colors on the insulation's ?
Nothing exotic or mystic just a standard shielded twisted pair.
Chrispy, I'm sorry, but your reading comprehension is off the charts. Not up...no no, the opposite way. One more time, ok?

I wanted to know about the cable, what kind/type it was, why make it that way, is there a benefit if any, do cable makers still make them that way, are there any diy-ers making them that way...if so WHY. As was reiterated to everyone who came in here looking for jabs and vomiting their preconceived notions, beliefs, biases etc. For all who have, you should honestly be ashamed. I mean go back and read this thread, lol my god, you all should be embarrassed.
There is exactly, precisely, one person on this thread who should be embarrassed. I don't think he has the self awareness for it though.
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I don't know what the thread is about now. Heck order your friend some World's Best Cable from Amazon in the needed length. He'll have the world's best, says so on the label. Get your choice of Mogami or Canare (in Star Quad though it matters not on RCAs) with Neutrik or Amphenol connectors. Depending upon length you can get a pair for $20-$50. This is high grade stuff all the way around used by studios and made for that purpose. I think they have a 10 year warranty if issues ever develop. I think they also offer cable from Gotham and Van Damme if you or he cares.
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