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Need help choosing a class D amplifier


Jul 1, 2019
Hi guys. I'm new to the world of class d amplifiers. I need a three channel amplifier for my speakers.

My system:

Monoprice HTP-1
Philharmonic BMR towers

I am looking at the following amplifiers:

Audiophonics HPA-400ET

Nord Three 1ET400A 3 Channel Amplifier

Nord Three 1ET400A MKII 3 Channel Amplifier

The Nord MKII is roughly $700 more than the standard Nord. My understanding is the difference is the MKII allows you to choose an op amp and according to Nord "the board in a true triple Mono design incorporated in a single case. Same sound quality as the Mono Blocks."

I'm not sure if it's worth the extra $700 or not. I don't believe in op amp sounds myself, so I'd be paying more for three mono blocks in a case upgrade.

Which would you guys buy of the three? I assume the 1ET400A amplifier would be more than enough to drive the BMR towers. Thanks for any and all feedback!

Count Arthur

Major Contributor
Jan 10, 2020
Of the three you selected, I'd go for the Nord Three: https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-three-1et400a-stereo-amplifier

The Audiophonics shares a single PSU between the three amplifier modules, whether that effects real world performance I couldn't say, but the Nord at a similar price with three PSUs, looks like better value.

Of the two Nords, I don't think the fancy descrete component op-amps provide any performance advantage over the IC type and the OPA1612 is well regarded.
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