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Movie Soundtracks We Enjoy


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Nov 26, 2018
I´ll start with something rather strange:
Edgar Rothermich: "Blade Runner"


Why strange? Because what is heard in the movie was never released, even the more faithful release of Vangelis himself
in the late nineties was not what he improvised on his synths watching the rough cuts. And besides some bootlegs, the great sound of
thundering drums and lonely synth was never heard on CD or LP. So Rothermich faithfully reproduced the music in 2014.
This is a little bit haunting. I was an a little bit isolated teen who did not like Wave but Soundtracks and Jazz.
I symply got bored at the parties. And I really had to get way into the last third of my life to find many Soundtracks
from this time being released as a whole.
Complete recordings of favourites like
Star Trek - The Movie
Close Encounters
The Black Hole

were released the last decade. For the latter, Philip Glass simply took the sound of the film print,
you can hear flutter under the organ, typical for the magnetic track on film prints... So I guess the
masters from the recording sessions are lost.

Still waiting for "complete Sneakers", James Horner´s finest, though he heavily borrows from Arvo Pärt´s "Fratres":

Another favourite, not a composed soundtrack but a concert recording still waits to be released on digital media:

I think this cat was not mentioned yet, he educated me into jazz when I was a child:
Vince Guaraldi - I deliberately skip "Linus and Lucy!"

As an adult another interesting experience was "The Thirtenth Floor" by Harald Kloser. I was hired by the production
company to edit the press kits with interviews and behind the scenes footage. As this ran parallel to shooting
and postproduction I got the musical layout as well as the final recording - now I know why being a composer can be frustrating...

Another favourite of mine, Simon Fisher Turner I bought this soundtrack instantly in 1986 when i heard this piece and saw the film years later
(Same with Philip Glass`"Mishima" btw)

Fisher Turner in 2014

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