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"Mixing" ported monitors with sealed subs...Pros/Cons...??...


Oct 30, 2018
To Whom it May Interest:

Primarily an audiophile here...

I have a pair of "Rythmik Audio" "G22" subwoofers...(Dual, opposed/bipolar, Servo-monitored/controlled, 12" drivers, sealed cabinet design...)...(From MY experience, the "quickest", most "musical" pair of subwoofers I have ever possessed/enjoyed). I am currently mating them with a pair of "Audience Audio", "ClairAudient 1 + 1, V3" monitors...(passive, dual, opposed/bipolar, full range 3.?" drivers, with side firing, 4" passive radiators, P.R. cabinet design), (1+ 1's subjectively VERY fast and reasoably "spacious" in a relatively small room), crossed over at approx. 80Hz. 24 dB./oct. ...(and yes, I realize that currently my subs are overkill for my monitors...lol...)

I plan on moving my stereo system into a signficianly larger room, and am considering active monitors to mate with the pair of "G22's"... I am considering a pair of either the Genelec 8341's, OR a pair of the Genelec 8351's...

Other than the decision regarding WHICH Genelec(?) to potentially select/meet my wants/needs...Noting that these "Genelec" active monitors are ported, (as are most active monitors that I have researched thus far), I am wondering if I "should" select a sealed monitor to "better" mate with my sealed cabinet design subwoofers...?...(I realize that my current 1+1's are essentially a "ported" cabinet design without the potential for portnoise...)...Or, depending on how high I crossover the monitors with the subwoofers, it genuinely does not matter, (inaudible differences thereof...?...).

I have read elsewhere that regardless of where a ported cabinet/speaker is crossed over, (how far above the port tuning...), the woofer's are going to "behave" as "ported"...

So, should I match cabinet designs, (i.e. sealed), or, if crossed over high enough, would a "G22"-"Genelec" pairing be a perfect marriage...??...and IF the "Genelec" is the best choice, which one might pair best with the "G22"'s...

Thank you in advance for your responses, (advice/suggestions/recommendations).

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