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How "bad" must a Speaker be for normies to notice?


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Jul 7, 2022
Northern Virginia, USA
Mine tells me how to use it every time I have it my hand. She figured out how to use the microphone on the remote to tell the cable box what to do, while I hate talking to inanimate objects (and they hate talking to me) ;) This extends to Siri and Alexa: she can say a couple of words and be done with it, while I am still frantically looking for where that one setting can possibly be located in the byzantine menu system of the device. She is also much nicer to our AI assistants. She'll say "thank you", and "goodbye", while I'll generally curse at them ... which may explain why they don't respond well to me.
Someday they'll have their revenge. I saw it in a movie.


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Oct 10, 2020
Dayton Ohio
I think a speaker with more volume, a bit more bass, and without obvious distortion, will create enough emotional impact to music for most people.

Think emotional return on investment. As an example, playing a Taylor Swift song on a phone vs. a very good bluetooth speaker, vs. my pretty good systems. The middle gains exceed the latter incremental gains.

Add some "prick waving" and you have an audiophile. (Guilty of turning up the volume myself to show off).

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When it all comes together is what brings us here. That last bit.
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