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help to replace m-audio m-track 2x2 (K702)


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Jan 24, 2022
Hi all,

new to the forum, I tried to read a lot of threads and searched for a response to my question.
Many relevant info's but also confusion (mine).
My rig is composed by a Desktop pc (usb source), GR ONE bass amplifier xlr connected to a m-audio 2x2 wich output to a pair of presonus nearfield monitors and for quiet listening a pair of AKG K702

My problem seems obvious (I wasn't aware when I bought both with different timing), the DAC impedence output of 10Ohm isn't enough to drive my K702, the volume at maximum is adeguate but low, it seems the I need a little bit to be satisfied.

Thinking to buy an headphone amplifier but l'm low on outputs, also don't want to add another piece to the chain, my wife is scared by so many cables.
In this forum there's some interesting discussion about ID4 MKII and Motu(2/4), but I can't try it by myself so a I need an expert opinion on both or some else in the same price range (200 euros).

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Sep 4, 2019
Austin, TX
I don't think either the Motu M2 or Motu M4 are going to solve your issue. As noted in Amir's reviews both devices have poor headphone amp performance.

I think what you need is a headphone amp with pass-through. For example: the Drop THX 789 and the Monoprice THX 887 both have this. But I understand that both of these amps are likely more expensive in the EU than they are in the U.S. so they might well exceed your 200€ limit. Take a look at Amir's reviews of headphone amps, get an idea of the good ones that are in your price range, then check to make sure they support pass-through. That way the headphone amp is one device that can drive both your headphones and your speakers.
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