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Genelec Dual Sub Optimisation


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May 20, 2019
In my room (14 m²) possibly due to small distances to the boundary surfaces both speakers have some nulls below 120 Hz. There is a single subwoofer in the right corner. For both speakers GLM determines a compensation of -3 dB and -4 dB. So corner-loading is not enough ...
Would adding a second 7350 (stereo-)subwoofer in the left corner and setting crossover higher probably help mitigate both problems?

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Your subs response looks really good until 100hz, so a crossover at 80 should be good. Your right speaker looks really good above 80hz. Only your left speaker has a dip at 100hz, but a very steep one (very high q), so I doubt its audible. A second sub wont help in terms of frequency response (it would increase SPL capabilities).
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