1. T

    Best speakers for the Topping D90SE?

    Hi, I wonder what speakers would be worth to pair with the D90SE Would the Genelec 8030C Studio Monitors be good? I'd prefer to have my setup with no sub as I live in a flat on a 2nd floor and below me there is a dental clinic room and I don't want to bother anyone (Lulz), I never turn my...
  2. Walter

    KEF LSX, Genelec 8020D, iLoud MTM, or JBL A130 for desktop use?

    Does anyone have experience with any two (or more) of these to compare? Or has tried one and found it unsuitable? I am looking for general use speakers for my desk, which is where I spend most of my waking hours. This includes low level (60-65db) background music as well as 85db peaks when...
  3. M

    Python module to manage Genelec SAM

    I'm working on an open source Python module genlc (Genelec Loudspeaker Control) to (automatically/manually) control Genelec SAM range of monitors/subwoofers: So far the genlc module supports just some of the basics; discovery of all devices, wakeup &...
  4. S

    Genelec 8040 vs 8030 vs Neumann KH 120

    Hey everyone, Since I want a new pair of speakers I went to a music store today to hear some nearfield monitors. I need them just to enjoy Music, Gaming, watching movies and general entertainment stuff on my PC setup. I won't produce my own music for now, though I'd like to get into modular...
  5. Adam Bernau

    GENELEC 4030 (SAME AS 8030) white FS in Europe (Prague)

    Only tested, practically not used. 850 Eur, shipping in Europe included. Highly praised here in Amir´s review. Mail to: [email protected] Cheers!
  6. T

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Pro for Genelec

    Hi Guys, I have a pair of 8341s and and a 7350 via GLM, currently running from a Soncoz LAQXD1. I am running balanced out from the Soncoz with Apple TV as an input via optical from my TV. The setup sounds amazing and works well. However I would like to get remote volume control and as I listen...
  7. stevenswall

    Would You Rather: Soundstage+Phantom Center OR More Accurate Frequency Response?

    Moved studio monitors from corners to ~30% the length of the side walls closer. They are near the sidewalls, per Genelec recommending keeping them closer, or if there is space making sure they are more than 1.1 meters from the wall. this follows the first rule for the side walls, and the second...
  8. Χ

    Genelec 8341A vs Neumann KH80DSP vs KH310A, Impressions and In-Room Measurements

    In the last six months, I swapped four pairs of studio monitors in my study room: the Neumann KH120A, KH310A, KH80DSP, and finally the Genelec 8341A. I wanted to share some of my listening impressions and in-room measurements with those who might be interested in getting one of these speakers...
  9. Olius

    Genelec 8351B previsualization

    Hi all! I'm so glad I found this site. It combines two of my favourite things: audio and science. When I was shopping for my first studio monitors four years ago, I didn't know much about the subject except that I had read they were supposed to be accurate and have a flat frequency response. I...
  10. danielmiessler

    JTR Subs for HiFi and Music Primarily

    Hey all, I'm looking for some subs to pair with a Genelec active-monitor-based HiFi system. I'm using Genelec 8351B's for left, right, (and center for HT), and am looking to get some really nice subs to go with them. I'm going to be running everything through the Storm MkII processor, which...
  11. V

    Genelec 8030C vs 8040B (for a pretty small room,the picture = 9 by 11 feet room).. Help me pick !

    I want to upgrade my HS5. Its for music production. Electronic music. I want clearer low end without having a boomy room and a lot of mud. My room is small and partially threated. With 8030C i would stil have 5 inches monitors, but probably stronger than HS5 with 8040B, 6.5 and way more power...
  12. Aekre

    Near Field Monitors Recommendations

    Hello everyone, i know this can be a pleonastic post but I´ve been since weeks looking for the best monitors suitable to me and I still didn´t ended up with nothing. It´s really hard times so it´s quite impossible go to some music shop to test it so i have to trust internet and what i reed...
  13. J

    Genelec SAM system wireless volume control

    Does anyone know anything about this apparently new product? Genelec 9101B wireless volume controller It seems to be new with GLM4, but I cannot actually find it for sale anywhere. Anyone know about availability and/or release date?
  14. ichonderoga

    After Neumann KH 310A Review: What to buy?

    I pose you this (not so simple/straitforward) question: Benchmark AHB2 + Graham LS5/9 or a pair of Neumann KH 310A? BACKSTORY: I have loooong been looking at a Benchmark AHB2 + Graham LS5/9 combo, but now I'm reconsidering. I'm a big believer in the numbers and measurements this site is...
  15. G

    Genelec 8260 et sub 7270

    Dear all, I have the opportunity to get second hand 2 Genelec 88260 and one 7270.Is this a good choice for Hifi listening in a 6 X 7 meter under the roof room ? (4m at the highest). I thin to connect it digitally to my Raspberry Pi Moode Audio mediacenter thru an Audiophonics XMOS U208...
  16. D

    Genelec 8030 Pair sounding bad in my room, better HiFi speaker alternatives?

    I got these when I was doing a lot of critical listening in a treated area and they sounded great, but these days I don't find myself doing any critical listening as I've changed jobs. Wanting to sell the Genelec pair and get some speakers that would sound great in a relatively untreated room...
  17. D

    Genelec 8030C vs Canton Fonum 300 - In room measurements

    Hi all, due to the fantastic measurement results of the Genelec 8030C I ordered them in order to upgrade my current system. Today I made some measurements in order to compare the new to my old system. The results show that the old system is at least in the current room set up better - which is...
  18. J

    Help choose small studio monitors for a small room, eve audio vs genelec

    Hi everyone ! I'm building a small home studio mainly for composing, producing and a little bit of mixing at home. (The main job will be done in a another studio, but I'd like to produce at home as much as possible) My room is 12 square meters and will be treated accordingly the room...
  19. R

    Genelec - GLM 3.2.0

    Hi everyone, I just setup my Genelecs 8341s + 2x7350 subwoofers, which I decided to get based on Amir's review, and couldn't be happier with the sound and quality. I set them up using the latest GLM software released two days ago (v3.2.0 for Mac) and seems there may be a bug. In short, after...
  20. stevenswall

    Never Put Subwoofers In Corners... Even with DSP and Multi-Sub Setups?

    This article seems to go against a lot of what I hear on the forum: (Is this guy just trying to sell something?) "So don’t buy into this culture of putting the subwoofer in the corner. And definitely don’t...
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