1. Waxx

    The new Genelec 8381A SAM™ Adaptive Point Source Main Monitor

    The monitor we already saw a glimp from, is now out. It would cost 70K says the first rumours (which is ridiculous), but that set aside, i wonder how this works and measures.
  2. J

    Dispersion in Assymetrical Room (Revel vs Genelec...)

    Hello! First post, been enjoying reading this forum and the Floyd Toole book, good fun. Planning the setup for the living room I'm soon to move into. Wondering if you all can help decide between Genelec and Revel.... or something else! Floor plan is below. -There's a wall with a window...
  3. M

    3x Genelec 8030c, 2x Genelec 8010a

    For sale is a complete 5.0 Genelec setup. I have been using this system only a few months for movie and music listening and it is the best system I have ever heard, however at my listening distance of almost 3m from the LCR, I want more output so will be going higher up in the Genelec range. The...
  4. napfkuchen

    2.1 setup with GIK Acoustics

    I recently moved into a new apartment. The home office / music room is 4 x 3,6 x 2,65m with a door and a window at the shorter walls, so the speakers had to be placed along the 4m wall. After setting everything up some initial testing revealed that the cabinet in the opposite corner of the...
  5. ezra_s

    F1 Exhibition at Madrid (Sound Stage)

    I was recently visiting the F1 Exhibition in Madrid. When I entered I noticed the quality of the music and racing sounds of the place was amazing. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I looked up what I found these all over the place: Dozens of them, and soon I realized why I was so...
  6. Nuyes

    Genelec 8330A Measurements. (Is the issue resolved?)

    I measured a pair of 8330A's a couple days ago. (The owner of these speakers bought them a month ago). Frequency Response Acoustic axis : outer rim of the woofer as instructed in the manual. Directivity Polar plot THD Multitone...
  7. S

    Digital connection path to Genelec 8330A

    I see that this forum is the only one with considerable knowledge about Genelecs, so please be patient and help a brother out. :) I'm searching for a minimalistic, but somehow "exciting" audio system for my bedroom. I am considering the Genelecs 8330A (maybe 8340A) with GLM kit + volume knob...
  8. E

    Calculating available headroom from using high-pass

    Im likely to purchase either a pair of Genelec 8351b or 61a SAM systems in the near future. I will be more honest than most to say that i listen way too loud. Somewhere around 90db with most music, but metal related is most likely around 100 nominal. Going by Genelecs SPL chart...
  9. G

    Genelec 8030C + 7050C OR 8030C + 2 7040A?

    As per title, what do you think would be better? Of course I don't have the luxury of listening before buying. The dimensions of the room are 6.4m x 4m x 3m (height). With 2 x 7040A I lose a bit of low end but I don't think that this really matters. I really like the 2 x subs idea but is the...
  10. Sparky

    RME ADI2 PRO set up assistance with Auto-Ref oddity

    Hi all, I have posted a fair few posts in the past regarding the set-up of my 8341AWM's with subwoofers so I guess one more post won't do any harm! :) As mentioned previously, I have recently purchased a pair of Arendal 1723 1S subwoofers to go with my Genelec 8341AWM's and am really happy...
  11. N

    FS: Genelec 8351B - grey - $6800 local pickup

    I have a pair of Genelec 8351B active studio monitors in gray. They are in great conditon and have no major scratches or dents or anything. They come with all the original parts and packaging. Genelec needs no introduction. These are state of the art in every way. They don't fit my current...
  12. D

    Genelec 8330A x 2+7350A: worth upgrading to 8351B x 2 given the placement on desk?

    Hello. I am seeking for opinions on deciding between two choices: Genelec 8330A x 2+7350A Genelec 8351B x 2 In both the cases, the monitors will be placed on my desk (attaching a screenshot of it) with ~70см from their tweeters to my ears (that's the listening distance). I typically listen at...
  13. A

    Upgrade from Genelec 8010A to 8331 for clearer low end?

    Hi there! I've been making music in a small studio with the Genelec 8010A (no subwoofer), and I've been happy with them. However, I was listening to some of my tracks in a pro studio, and I realized that I'm really missing out on low end detail. So I'm considering upgrading to the 8331A, which I...
  14. M

    Do the Genelec 8030c hiss?

    I am close to buying a pair of Genelec 8030c speakers for desktop listening at an arm lengths distance. I listened to them, and a bunch of other monitors in store, and really liked them. However I've read some posts stating that they hiss if you aren't playing anything on them, and that the...
  15. J

    Questions of Genelec GLM function & stored button of the ones 8331 8341 8351

    The stored button on 8331 / 8341 / 8351's back panel is set off. After calibration with GLM, but not stored into monitor, and keep the network port connected to the GLM kit. 1. If keep GLM solfware closed, the monitor's voice is still not calibrated? 2. Only keep the GLM software open, the...
  16. Cars-N-Cans

    Are you still a sound quality snob even at your favorite fancy restaurant? Genelec now has you covered! (In-ceiling and pendant speakers)

    Genelec is introducing in-ceiling and hanging pendant speakers. Pretty neat! Although to be realistic the only place they will probably ever be is in high-end conference room installs, home-theaters, and other places that can't accommodate...
  17. openbaffle3278

    Genelec 8331a for sale with GLM Kit, AES EBU Cables and Wired Volume Knob BLACK

    I'm selling my 8331a speakers in Black with GLM 2.0 Kit and Microphone and also a Wired Volume Knob. Will also include HOSA AES/EBU Cables. I have them listed on Reverb but message me here...
  18. J

    genelec 8350x2 vs 8330x2+7350x2 vs 8330x2+7360x1, which is better

    Price is closed, for the living room, about 5m x 4m,listening distance is 2m~2.5m, which is better, 8350a x2 vs 8330a x2+7350x2 vs 8330a x2+7360x1, choose genelec because glm is convenient.
  19. J

    ask for advice on update genelec 8330a to 8331a or jbl 705p

    My PC room is 2.6m wide, 3.5m long, 3m high, PC table is 1.2m wide, now is using PC -> rme adi-2 dac fs -> 8330a with glm, for music, movie, game. Speaker is put on my PC table, so the biggest size is 5 inch, and no plan to add subwoofer. 8331a is one of my option, what can i get if change to...
  20. Sparky

    RME ADI2 PRO FS R be Filters

    Hi all, Just a quick question really. Is there any way to NOT use any of the filters included in the RME ADI2 PRO? I'm using Genelec 8341 SAM Speakers which have their own DSP in-built so do not want any filtering applied to the signal before the SAM speakers. Is this possible at all??
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