1. Aekre

    Near Field Monitors Recommendations

    Hello everyone, i know this can be a pleonastic post but I´ve been since weeks looking for the best monitors suitable to me and I still didn´t ended up with nothing. It´s really hard times so it´s quite impossible go to some music shop to test it so i have to trust internet and what i reed...
  2. J

    Genelec SAM system wireless volume control

    Does anyone know anything about this apparently new product? Genelec 9101B wireless volume controller It seems to be new with GLM4, but I cannot actually find it for sale anywhere. Anyone know about availability and/or release date?
  3. ichonderoga

    After Neumann KH 310A Review: What to buy?

    I pose you this (not so simple/straitforward) question: Benchmark AHB2 + Graham LS5/9 or a pair of Neumann KH 310A? BACKSTORY: I have loooong been looking at a Benchmark AHB2 + Graham LS5/9 combo, but now I'm reconsidering. I'm a big believer in the numbers and measurements this site is...
  4. G

    Genelec 8260 et sub 7270

    Dear all, I have the opportunity to get second hand 2 Genelec 88260 and one 7270.Is this a good choice for Hifi listening in a 6 X 7 meter under the roof room ? (4m at the highest). I thin to connect it digitally to my Raspberry Pi Moode Audio mediacenter thru an Audiophonics XMOS U208...
  5. D

    Genelec 8030 Pair sounding bad in my room, better HiFi speaker alternatives?

    I got these when I was doing a lot of critical listening in a treated area and they sounded great, but these days I don't find myself doing any critical listening as I've changed jobs. Wanting to sell the Genelec pair and get some speakers that would sound great in a relatively untreated room...
  6. D

    Genelec 8030C vs Canton Fonum 300 - In room measurements

    Hi all, due to the fantastic measurement results of the Genelec 8030C I ordered them in order to upgrade my current system. Today I made some measurements in order to compare the new to my old system. The results show that the old system is at least in the current room set up better - which is...
  7. J

    Help choose small studio monitors for a small room, eve audio vs genelec

    Hi everyone ! I'm building a small home studio mainly for composing, producing and a little bit of mixing at home. (The main job will be done in a another studio, but I'd like to produce at home as much as possible) My room is 12 square meters and will be treated accordingly the room...
  8. R

    Genelec - GLM 3.2.0

    Hi everyone, I just setup my Genelecs 8341s + 2x7350 subwoofers, which I decided to get based on Amir's review, and couldn't be happier with the sound and quality. I set them up using the latest GLM software released two days ago (v3.2.0 for Mac) and seems there may be a bug. In short, after...
  9. stevenswall

    Never Put Subwoofers In Corners... Even with DSP and Multi-Sub Setups?

    This article seems to go against a lot of what I hear on the forum: (Is this guy just trying to sell something?) "So don’t buy into this culture of putting the subwoofer in the corner. And definitely don’t...
  10. L

    Genelec good enough?

    Been looking to purchase a system for the home office and wondering if anyone would consider Genelec to be comparable with a high end audio setup? I've been through the KEF Reference 1, the Devialet Phantom (one went kaput and Devialet apparently can't fix them so I sold those) and the KEF...
  11. M

    DX3 Pro - How is this possible?!

    I just spent an hour with my new DX3 Pro. Holy crap!! Low Gain mode... WOW! I've been using my Apogee Ensemble (the newer Thunderbolt version) for a couple years and assumed it was EXACTLY how my OPPO PM-3's + upgraded cable are supposed to sound. It's a $2,500 interface with presumably amazing...
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