1. KeithPhantom

    FS/US: Genelec 8330A Black Pair and 7350A subwoofer pair with GLM 2.0 kit and Volume Knob black

    I am selling my pair of Genelec 8330A in black, two 7350A both used as Subwoofers and a GLM 2.0 kit with microphone and volume knob. I am moving to a larger set of speakers after giving them a test run for a month, but they are a bit too small for my room and my SPL requirements. The speakers...
  2. A

    Coaxial Nearfield: Genelec vs Kef vs Kali

    Is Genelec really worth the money over Kali? Looking for nearfield coaxial monitors to upgrade from Adam T5V, listening distance 1.0-1.2 meter, desktop use directly flanking a 32" monitor, typical SPL <80dB. I specifically want coaxial to optimize response as I move slightly around in my very...
  3. M

    Streamer for Genelec 8240A

    Hello everyone, I have a pair of Genelec 8240A's and I was "driving" them via Focusrite 2i2 (2nd gen) + custom XLR Klotz cables. This was ages ago, now I want to play PC sound and stream from my Android phone (YT Music). From what I read here, I should stay digital only, something like WiiM Pro...
  4. S

    FS/US: Genelec G Four Speakers (Pair) Perfect Condition 9 month old

    Price if $1950 plus shipping. These speaker need no introduction, they are one of best sounding speakers that I have heard, they involve me in music on my work desk while I work. Due to an unexpected financial issue I have to sell them, never thought I would but things happen. They retail for...
  5. r.mallow

    Genelec 82X0 vs 80X0 in 2024?

    Hi all, Long-time lurker who basically never posts. I am hoping to solicit opinions related to the value proposition of the Genelec 82X0 series relative to 80X0 now that the 82X0 series are getting on in years. User experiences would also be very valuable to me. Reading reviews at the...
  6. M

    What's the best I can buy?

    hello, I'm new to this and I need help. I recently purchased some great quality equipment from a friend. A pair of Genelec 8341, Focal Utopia and Sennheiser hd 800. I was interested in putting together a setup. I live in Brazil, I have difficulty finding some equipment, but I have contacts...
  7. C

    Better speakers than 8030c?

    Hey, i am considering buying a pair of Genelec 8030C but i am wondering if there are any better speakers at that price point? More info: My apartment is small and i will be sitting around 3 meters from the speakers.
  8. Lunatic-Dandy

    Betting on a second-hand purchase ? Genelec 8030C vs 8010AP + sub.

    Hello everybody, I apologize for any mistakes as English is not my native language. I am an avid reader of the forum, I dare to make my first post because I am putting a thousand euros at stake and it is well worth the risk of asking you for advice. I change location and configuration (I have...
  9. Nuyes

    Genelec 1031A Measurements & Review

    The Genelec 1031A is a classic model, still frequently seen in professional studios. Frequency Response The speaker has a broad and subtle V-shaped sound character around the mid-range, dipping by about 1-2dB. In some cases, the high frequencies might feel slightly bright. The low-end...
  10. M

    Genelec 8320/8330 + 7350 or Neumann KH80/120mkII + KH750

    Hello Looking to get an upgrade over current Yamaha HS8 pair for a small home studio. Room is 2x3m, listening position will be 50-75cm from the monitors, which will be around 20cm from the back wall. Little treatment possible. Was all set to go for the Genelec 8320/7350 with GLM and then...
  11. S

    SOLD Genelec G Three Active Speakers

    They are in perfect condition. 7 month old. From non-smoking, no-pets home. I am looking to go to 8350. They retail for $1700 and my loss is your gain. Price is $1150 including insured shipping and PP in cont. USA. Will come in factory boxes, with manuals and power cables exactly like Genelec...
  12. S

    SOLD: Genelec G One G1BM-6 Black Speakers (pair) with Stand Plates

    The pair of Genelec G One (Model G1BM-6) in excellent condition. The sale includes the optional stand plates Model 8010-408 (pair) that allow you to place these speakers on stand with ISO-PODs attached. My loss is your gain. Will ship triple boxed for secure delivery.
  13. B

    Genelec 8010 XLR cable problem

    Hello wise people, I've recently acquired some 8010s for desktop use and I love them. The only problem is that since I have them tilted towards my head the XLR cable gets bent quite a lot. ( I'm using Cordial CFM cables) Are there any XLR cables with shorter plugs that could fix that ? I'm...
  14. A

    FS: Genelec G One -Now Sold

    Selling a pair of Genelec G One speakers. I believe these are the consumer version of the 8010 reviewed here .Very good condition, conservatively rated. One speaker has a One speaker has a very light scratch on the top, not showing on photographs. Includes the plates, see photo, and power...
  15. S

    Kali Second Wave Speakers Hiss Level?

    Trying to get a precise estimate of self-generated noise level on Kali LP V2 and IN V2 models. Heard lots of folks say they are silent and less noise than V1. But how much exactly? Though somebody made this form...
  16. S

    Neumann KH80 II / Genelec 8320 With USB in Future Product?

    I am a PC gamer who sometimes watch video and listen to music. Not being any professional in audio, I only decide to put active 2.0 speakers by the side of my 27-inch monitor. (A triangle of about 1 meter) The audioengine HD4 I am currently using still has some hissing and port noise within 1...
  17. JVCaxv-4

    Genelec vs Neumann vs Dynaudio vs Focal

    Sorry for the long title... I have come to a studio and i have these speakers in front of me Genelec 8030c, Neumann KH120, Dynaudio LYD7, Focal Alpha 50 Evo and i want to say about my opinion on each. - Genelec 8030c, made in Finland, very good build quality, rounded alluminum cabinet, bass...
  18. Biblob

    Genelec 8030c vs Arendal 1961 bookshelf - unexpected treble boost

    Hi all, Recently bought the Genelec 8030C and Arendal 1961 bookshelf to compare the two. Had the Genelecs for a while and listened to them, love them. Comparing them on beforehand showed the on-axis and in-room response to be comparable. Tonight I unpacked the Arendals, set one of...
  19. M

    M&K S150 - what is a genuine step up and is this design philosophy too compromised by modern know-how?

    WHAT I'm wanting to address a popular historic design that is perhaps well surpassed by newer technology or more technically modelled speakers - the M&K S150. To decide if a replacement is a good choice... I need to better appreciate the ASR test regime; its pros and cons. WHY The review on...
  20. stevenswall

    Dolby Volume Users? Solution for Loudness Compensation to Improve Low Level Listening?

    Looking at a few different solutions from Audessey, Monoprice, and JBL to solve the low level listening issue: Speakers that keep bass levels relatively higher at low volumes sound better at low levels that any system of any size at any cost in any room I've ever heard, when compared to systems...
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