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FS: Martin Logan Dynamo 800x sub (2) with Anthem room correction $495 each


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Nov 21, 2018
Virginia, USA
**I have two for sale - special price for buying both!**

Subs are in excellent, near perfect condition functionally and cosmetically. Setup for down-firing configuration, these unassuming little grey boxes are only about 13" cu inches can be placed out of the way and fade into any décor. SVS app provides real time adjustments from the couch/ Anthem ARC room correction provides smooth response with any placement. 300 watts RMS / 600 watts peak EACH provides plenty of power to pressurize most any room. I am original owner, smoke free household, never over-driven nor abused.

Highlight Features:
Integrated Class D Amplifier
Dynamo 800X’s Class D amplifier supplies 600W peak power (300W RMS) and operates with extremely low levels of distortion to deliver dynamic impact with plenty of overhead.

Subwoofer Control App
MartinLogan’s Subwoofer Control app for iOS and Android devices allows you to easily adjust settings like Volume, DSP Mode, Phase, and many others right from the comfort of your seat for ultimate control and ease of tuning.

Anthem Room Correction
ARC Mobile (iOS or Android) uses your mobile devices' built in microphone to custom tune your Subwoofer in real time for the best performance in your room. Or use the optional ARC Genesis software (PC or MAC) and microphone kit (sold separately) for more calibration options.

Wireless Ready
Dynamo 800X is wireless ready out of the box with use of the MartinLogan SWT-X, or SWT-2 wireless subwoofer kits (sold separately).

Dynamo 800X features Stereo RCA Inputs, a dedicated RCA LFE Input and speaker level inputs for maximum flexibility.

Sealed Enclosure
Dynamo 800X’s Sealed Enclosure gives it the highest levels of bass accuracy in the most compact sizing possible.

Unique Front or Down-Firing Design
When placed in a cabinet or other discreet location, Dynamo 800X subwoofer can easily convert from standard down-firing to front-firing orientation, with no tools or special skills required. A grille is provided for use in front-firing applications.

Inverse Mathematical Equation (IME) Filter
The IME filter used in the Dynamo subwoofers is derived from the inverse of the unfiltered driver response. Precision IME filtering yields extremely accurate low-frequency response.
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