1. A

    Need sub recommendation for second floor apartment

    I have the Adam T5V studio monitors and I'm looking for a fitting 10" sub. The matching Adam T10S sub has an annoying standby feature which makes it a no-go. I live on the second floor so I want to be mindful of the people living downstairs. That means down-firing and bottom-ported subs are...
  2. dkinric

    FS: Martin Logan Dynamo 800x sub (2) with Anthem room correction $495 each

    **I have two for sale - special price for buying both!** Subs are in excellent, near perfect condition functionally and cosmetically. Setup for down-firing configuration, these unassuming little grey boxes are only about 13" cu inches can be placed out of the way and fade into any décor. SVS...
  3. B

    Analog Pass-Through DAC to Pre

    I’m running a R26 DAC (happily) into a Madrigal Proceed AVP2 Pre/Pro (baby Levinson). I only listen to Stereo Sound (no effects, no HT). I have run dual subs historically, however, I just learned I’ve been listening to the Proceed’s internal DAC! It sounds and has sounded “good” to me. Unless I...
  4. S

    HELP please... L shaped room Bass Questions!

    Hey everyone!! Been struggling with sub placement. I have an Arendal 1961v. Amazing sub. Used it to replace two tiny Polk psw111 subs. Needless to say big difference. But with both setups I only have bass at back of room on the platform chairs and near ZERO in the front row. With this bigger sub...
  5. D

    £500 PA recommendations for a starting DJ

    Hello! I am a starting DJ and want to get a basic PA system for small house parties (max 30 people) in my living room with a budget of up to £500. Initially, I got this: and...
  6. A

    Is €500 for M&K v12 used subwoofer worth it?

    As the title say. Just got an offer to buy a circa three years old M&K v12 for around €500. Some people think they are good subs but I don't know enough to know if the price is right
  7. A

    Two (NEW) REL T9(not i or x) for €500?

    I thought I had stumbled upon a great deal at first. Everyone seemed to be saying REL was a solid choice for a sub, but when I scratched the surface I found that they are actually snake oil salesmen. Still though, is this a good choice? I'm going to be living in an apartment so I'm not building...
  8. W

    Neumann KH750 without Neumann monitors

    Hi everyone, I’m grateful for the incredible advice on this forum. I’m building a Hauptwerk organ setup in my home; this is PC software that simulates a pipe organ using recorded samples. Thanks to the reviews and discussion here, I’ve decided to start with a pair of Kali IN-8 V2 monitors as a...
  9. yllanos

    Thoughts on Topping MX3s DAC/AMP?

    Recently announced. I’d love to see a balanced version of this model.
  10. Danchina

    The good, the bad and the sub

    Good evening guys, I would like to apologize in advance for making a shopping help thread if inappropriate on this forum but my head is starting to go ballistic. I already sifted through the comparisons regarding some of these subs but never found a specific discussion of a trio like this. (Feel...
  11. Mehdiem

    Subwoofer Advice Needed - ~$1500-$2000

    I’m wondering if upgrading my sub from KEF Q400 to one of the below candidates would have a noticeable impact? In that case which sub (and size) would you go for? - REL T7X - KEF KC62 - I considered SVS Micro 3000 and loved the app, but I don’t like how it looks. So unless it’s significantly...
  12. Mehdiem

    Upgrading Sub from KEF-Q400 to REL T7X, does it make sense?

    I’m wondering if upgrading my sub from KEF Q400 to one of the below candidates would have a noticeable impact on the purpose of music listening? In that case which sub (and size) would you go for? - REL T7X - KEF KC62 - I considered SVS Micro 3000 and loved the app, but I don’t like how it...
  13. R

    Magnepan MMG & DSP

    Hi all, I recently found a pair of Magnepan MMG's listed for not a lot of money and I bought them just to get an idea why some people are so lyrical about Magnepan. I hooked them up and I have to say they sound amazing! It's not to be compared with a box speaker. Although the measurements and...
  14. MrPotatoHead

    I built a sub - the Overdrive10

    Over a year ago I posted here that was searching for a design for a DIY sub. There were several great suggestions, but I ended up going with the Overdrive10 designed by @Wolf. It's a bandpass design with a 10-inch Dayton driver and a passive radiator. I bought the hardware a year ago and finally...
  15. MrPotatoHead

    Considering a DIY Sub - got a favorite?

    I built a pair of Zaph ZD5 speakers a couple of years ago and finished the matching center channel speaker a few months ago. After that, I was thinking I was done building speakers for a long time. They're always WAY more work than I inticipate and I've got plenty of other distractions. I've...
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