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first avr and speakers help/advice £1000-£2000 help


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Feb 27, 2024

I hope this is the right place to post!

Currently i have a samsung s90c 77 oled paired with a 15ish year old samsung ht c-6500 5.1 blu ray device, my main source of media is from my pc, rtx 4070ti, ryzen 5800x3d, 32gb ram etc.
i conntect my pc to my tv and then tv to the samsung 5.1 atm, i used kodi as my media player, my files are the highest quality, so uhd remux, hd remux when ever possible.

Can anyone clarify if I need to run the sources through hdmi to the avr and then hdmi to the tv to get lossless audio, or can i go pc > tv > avr?
the s90c according to rtings doesn't support all surround sound formats Via earc?

Anyways i am thinking of upgrading to a proper avr and probably a 3.1 system for now and expand down the line.

denon x1700h/1800h/2700h/2800h (or a cheaper one if I don't require to run things through the avr for full audio)

2 way
Local pickup dali spektor 2 with stands £125 And add a single as the centre or add a dali spektor vokal center for £99
q acoustics 3050i £469 nd 3090ci £13

Kef q350 £400 with kef q650 £400 centre or run 3 q350s

2.5 way
Fyne f500 £450, stands £100
f501 £799 (gloss white) with the f500c centre £250 (gloss white)

3 way
more expensive options like the wharfedale evo 4.2 £600 and 4.c £450 plus stands

BK Electronics P12-300SB-PR Subwoofer Black Ash £475
BK Electronics Monolith Plus -DF Black £560
SVS PB-2000 £650

i will likely have to get a tv unit and a tv stand aswell to accommodate a proper centre speaker.

my room is a loft with vaulted ceilings and the size of the room is approx 5m wide x 6m deep and 3m high, but the room is kinda split in half so maybe 3m x 6m
Viewing distance is around 8-9 feet, house is detached so i can listen to content as loud as i see fit, so might be loud for movie nights and average for normal viewing.
some people might be able to reccomend me some speakers for my room size and listening distance.

content being consumed will mainly be movies, tv and animes with some youtube and gaming via pc, probably not much music

i have attached a pic with the two bookshelf as a mockup of where the front l/r will likely go

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