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Fiio BTR3 Review (Portable DAC & Bluetooth Receiver)


Dec 16, 2020
The BTR3 is a low power BT dongle designed for driving IEMs, it seems peculiar to test it with HD650s. This just isn't the intended use case. It's meant to make your wired IEMs wireless. I have it, and use it with IEMs, and for that use I'm really not sure the power level is a problem. I wouldn't use it with overears.

It's discontinued now, replaced by the BTR3K. This is still a relatively low power device designed for driving IEMs, but has dual DACs with substantially more power on the balanced output.

The BTR5 is really the sort of device you need if you want something for high impedance overears. If looking at Fiio devices. Or, the Qudelix 5K which probably is the better device overall but uses the same ESS DAC and seems to measure pretty similarly.
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