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Experience with adding trigger input to Hypex NC122MP / NC252MP?

Mar 31, 2021
I’ve gotten my hands on two NC122MP modules from a local private reseller. I plan to put them in Ghent audio cases and built up a new living room system.

My question is if anyone has experience with adding trigger inputs to these modules (couldn't find it covered elsewhere on ASR)? As far as I can see it looks like I just need to pull the J6.9 High to enable the PS. My initial thought would be to put a transistor or relay and possibly add a capacitor to add delay before it shuts off again (2-5 min). Anybody with more experience on how to implement this in the easiest and safest way?
It seems Audiophonics have added it to their amps based on these modules – anybody who has a schematic or picture of this implementation for inspiration?
Also does anyone know if the mute function (J4.13) should be used to enable a smooth start-up?

Hopefully someone has been here before Thanks a lot in advance!
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